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Star Wars as Dallas

Bonnie Burton | March 30, 2009

After watching this fan-made Dallas-style intro of Star Wars, I’m beginning to wonder if J.R. and Darth Vader were one in the same.

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars/Dallas Opening

SOURCE: Grant Gould LJ Blog

Star Wars Paso Doble?

Bonnie Burton | March 30, 2009

International dance show “Let’s Dance” featured this rather unusual rendition of the Paso Doble dance done with Star Wars music. The dancers are dressed like Princess Leia and Anakin?

WATCH VIDEO: Let’s Dance: 2009-03-06 – Pasodoble


Star Wars Embroidery

Bonnie Burton | March 30, 2009

(art by Kristen Rupp)

Skip the “Home Sweet Home” art and check out Kristen Rupp’s embroidery tributes to Star Wars. Her Yoda, R2-D2 and lightsaber art is simplistic and impressive. Rupps chats with about her crafty Force-sensitive projects and how fans can make their own threaded masterpieces.

What made you want to create your embroidery tribute to Star Wars?
I learned to cross-stitch from my mom as a kid, but I hadn’t touched it for a really long time. In the last couple years though, I’ve become really interested in embracing traditional crafts in a non-traditional way. The book Subversive Cross Stitch by Julie Jackson was a big influence. Traditional cross-stitch designs are all about hearts and flowers and teddy bears and angels. I wanted to stitch designs with more relevance to my life, and I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember.


Chewbacca Cake Wrecks

Bonnie Burton | March 30, 2009

The next time you want someone special to bake you a Chewbacca birthday cake, you might want to be very specific about how you want your favorite Wookiee too look, and taste!

Cake Wrecks Blog takes a look at some of the more bizarre-looking Chewie cakes in this hilarious roundup:
Do These Taste Chewy to You? (Via Cake Wrecks)

How does Star Wars end?

Bonnie Burton | March 28, 2009

How well do you think you know the ending of Star Wars compared to what actually happened? Cognitive Daily wondered the same thing and decided to find out what fans would say to that question. Of course, some fans answered about A New Hope, while others thought the question included the whole Star Wars saga.

We asked if respondents knew how it ended, and while 78 percent of respondents said they knew the ending, there was a tremendous range of descriptions of the story’s end.

There were quite a few amusing responses to the “How does Star Wars end” question.

Here’s a selection:

  • Cheering all around the galaxy that they stuck Jar Jar in for no reason.
  • Luke sees Vader in all his Jedi-hologram glory and realizes his father is no longer a part of the dark side.
  • Luke and Leia are brother and sister. Gross!
  • Primitive Ewoks bring down Fascist Galactic Empire. Cuddly improbability.
  • Jedi save the galaxy! Everybody dances around on Endor.
  • Amateur fighter pilot ignores orders, listens to the voices in his head and slaughters thousands.
  • Chewbacca doesn’t get a medal.
  • It doesn’t end!

How does Star Wars end? Depends on how old you are.
(via Cognitive Daily)


Ladies Love R2-D2

Bonnie Burton | March 26, 2009

It’s already obivous that the fellas appreciate droids, but more and more of the ladies seem to be falling for everyone’s favorite astromech, R2-D2. Check out this new Flickr fan club dedicated to photos of women who can’t help but flirt with the snarky, metal co-pilot.

Girl-on-Artoo **action!!** (via Flickr)

My Little Star Wars Ponies

Bonnie Burton | March 25, 2009

Artist Mari Kasurinen is back with more Star Wars My Little Ponies — this time she pays tribute to Luke Skywalker, Slave Leia and Han in Carbonite.

Be sure to read our interview with Mari here:
My Little Chewie and Han Solo

Check out more of Mari Kasurinen’s art here: or

Star Wars Floppy Disk II

Bonnie Burton | March 25, 2009

Star Wars fan James made this interesting low-tech ode to the films:

In the first video Star Wars Floppy, the author may have controlled the motor via program similar to the 1541 floppy. I came up with a simpler way of doing it. Rather then programming I took the audio output of an amplifier and feed the signal through a clamping diode. The output was hooked up to one phases on the worm drive motor. To give the motor a louder sound I added a small DC voltage to the other phase in the oppisite polarity. This caused the motor and the head mechinism to vibrate providing a louder audio signal.

The clamping diode rectified the audio signal providing me with a positive output that swings from .7 to +9 volts. Mind you it worked great for low frequencies but I had to use more amplification for the higher frequencies. Most of the sounds were recorded live except for a couple of sound effects such as the lightsaber. Since there were many video takes I took the best clips and complied them into one.

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars Floppy Disk II

Squirrel Force Lightning

Bonnie Burton | March 25, 2009

16 Awesome Star Wars Papercraft Models

Bonnie Burton | March 25, 2009

Creative Closeup takes a look at their favorite Star Wars papercraft models which include R2 Astromechs, AT-AT, C-3PO, X-wing, Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter, stormtrooper helmets and more!

Check them all out here:
16 Awesome Star Wars Papercraft Models (via Creative Closeup)