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Fan-made Crocheted Tooka Dolls

Bonnie Burton | April 13, 2009

During The Clone Wars episode “Innocents of Ryloth” the clone trooper Waxer finds Numa’s tooka doll and returns it to her. So I made a felt Tooka Doll Craft tutorial of the same doll in the episode. Now fans are taking the pattern and making their own variations of the doll.

Check out these faboulous Tooka dolls here:
Meet Bin Bin and Ube — Crocheted Tooka Dolls
(via Star Wars Crafts Livejournal Community)

Yummy Yoda Cupcakes

Bonnie Burton | April 13, 2009

Check out these cute and tasty Yoda cupcakes made by crafty LJ fan braeby:

Here are some Yoda cupcakes that I made for my friends a couple of weeks ago. They’re chocolate with vanilla icing, with green food coloring. The ears I made out of chocolate mint wafers cut in half and stuck them in as far as I could before icing them. Delicious, they were hmmm…

Check the out here:
Yoda Cupcakes
(via Star Wars Craft Livejournal Community)

Drew Barrymore’s Star Wars Style

Bonnie Burton | April 13, 2009

Actress Drew Barrymore was recently spotted on the town wearing this classic Star Wars t-shirt as seen in this photo from April 20 issue of US Weekly magazine. Fans can see Barrymore in the upcoming Grey Gardens TV series on HBO, starting April 18.

Star Wars Easter Egg Art

Bonnie Burton | April 10, 2009

Star Wars artist Amy Pronovost painted these awesome Easter eggs that look like Darth Maul, Chewbacca and Wicket.

Check out the eggs under the cut.


Fan-Made Bantha Craft

Bonnie Burton | April 8, 2009

Since posting my craft instructions on how to Make Your Own Cuddly Bantha on, fans have been busy making their own adorable versions with felt and yarn.

Geek Crafts recently had a craft contest for its readers and this awesome Bantha craft made by JasonT was on the winner’s list.

Check it out here:
Mountain Dew Voltage Giveaway Winners (via Geek Crafts)

UPDATE: Aaron Allston Recovery

Bonnie Burton | April 7, 2009

Del Rey author Aaron Allston — who recently underwent bypass surgery — is now talking and wants his fans to know he appreciates their well wishes.

Aaron Allston Livejournal reports:

I just got off the phone with Aaron. You are reading correctly here. He asked me to please tell everyone, “Thank you for standing by me.” He also wished that he could come up with something more witty… I told him that hearing his voice was very very good for my heart.


It’s a Painting!

Bonnie Burton | April 4, 2009

Art by Thiago Moura Januário

Aaron Allston in the Hospital

Bonnie Burton | April 3, 2009

We just heard word today that Del Rey Outcast author Aaron Allston underwent bypass surgery yesterday, and is currently in recovery in the hospital.

Aaron’s family has set up a blood donation sponsorship. If anyone in the Dallas area would like to donate blood, you can go to the National Blood Exchange or Carter BloodCare. Say that you are donating blood for Aaron Allston, patient of Carter Blood Care in Bedford, TX, and give his sponsor number: SPON 047786.

Please send any cards to:
(But please DO NOT send any perishable items or flowers)

Aaron Allston
c/o Del Rey Books
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

As soon as we get more information we’ll update this story.
We all wish Aaron Allston well and hope he recovers quickly.

UPDATE: For the latest on Aaron’s recovery, please check out this Livejournal Blog: Aaron Allston Info

Bill Hader Geeks Out with EW

Bonnie Burton | April 3, 2009

Saturday Night Live cast member, comedian and actor Bill Hader does a mean tauntaun impression and he has the statue of thanks to prove it. Fans already know about his love for Star Wars, but Entertainment Weekly magazine decided to ask him every pop culture question imaginable to find out more about his geek cred regarding comics, sci-fi, ’80s movies, cancelled TV shows and more! And for the record, he doesn’t Twitter.

What is your geekiest possession?

In my office at SNL, I have a statue of a Tauntaun, which is a creature from Star Wars. The people at Lucasfilm saw an impression I did of one on Conan O’Brien, and they sent me it. Every time a host comes in to talk, they’re like, “What the hell is that?” “What do you mean what the hell is that? It’s a Tauntaun. Haven’t you seen The Empire Strikes Back? I guess you haven’t, or you wouldn’t have asked such a dumb question.”

Star Wars or Star Trek?

To be honest, and this sounds crazy, I didn’t really start getting into Star Trek until about six months ago. Ben Stiller is a huge Star Trek fan, and while we were doing Night at the Museum 2, he was like, “You’ve never seen an original Star Trek?” I just blindly bought three seasons of Star Trek, and I love ‘em. But I’m a Star Wars geek. I’m excited about the new J.J. Abrams movie, but if you asked me between Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, I think I would be even more of a Twilight Zone guy.

Read the full interview here:
Bill Hader: The EW Pop Culture Personality Test (via

Read our interview with Hader about his love for Star Wars:
Bill Hader Channels His Inner Tauntaun (via

The Big Bang Theory – “It’s a Trap!”

Bonnie Burton | March 31, 2009

If you watched this week’s episode of the geektastic comedy The Big Bang Theory, then you witnessed socially-challenged character Sheldon doing his impression of Admiral Ackbar saying “It’s a trap!” over and over and over again.

WATCH VIDEO: The Big Bang Theory – “It’s a Trap!”