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Are Conservatives the New Rebel Scum?

Bonnie Burton | May 5, 2009

When you think of the Rebels fighting against the evil Empire of Star Wars, you might be quick to compare liberal Democrats as the Rebels and conservative Republicans in the role of Darth Vader, the Emperor and the rest of the Empire.

However, the Conservative website American Daily Review thinks we all have it backwards. Dr. Tony Magana suggests that it’s the Republicans who best represent the ideals of the Rebel Alliance.

Dr. Magana writes:

The 1977 classic movie, Star Wars, portrayed an epic struggle between a righteous outnumbered few (Rebel Alliance) against a much stronger dominant government (Empire). The now well known story tells how a small group of activists can effect change by adhering to their principals as a source of power and focusing their efforts on the identifiable vulnerability of their adversary. A useful analogy may be drawn to the current situation of contemporary conservative activism.


Aaron Allston Writes About His Heart Attack

Bonnie Burton | May 3, 2009

Del Rey author Aaron Allston — who recently underwent bypass surgery — is recovering and writing in his Livejournal blog about what happened.

He writes about his diabetes, painful foot ulcer and the recent heart attack that occurred during his book tour for his new Star Wars novel Outcast.

Here’s an excerpt from his story about his health condition and what happened during his heart attack:

I was also spending a lot of time asleep/unconscious and experiencing a series of intense, interconnected hallucinations, in which I had reached a malevolent afterlife in which I was tested and often tortured. These events played out in a series of semi-independent scenarios. When awake, I knew I had been hallucinating, but when hallucinating, I had no ability to distinguish between what I was experiencing and reality. It was, to say the least, a grim few days.

I coded — that is, my heart stopped, causing the medics to revive me with defib paddles — something like three times between the morning of my surgery and the following day. The last time, though my heart activity was restored, I evidenced very little neurological activity, and the medics scheduled me for an electroencephalogram to determine whether I had anything going on upstairs. Though the medical staff was not yet telling my family and loved ones to prepare themselves for the worst, some of the nurses and doctors were beginning to exchange little shakes of the head.


Wellington Dance Trooper

Bonnie Burton | April 29, 2009

Looks like Tokyo Dance Trooper isn’t the only stormtrooper who can do the Electric Slide in full armor.

Check out the moves from Wellington Dance Trooper — Shane Cornwell — from New Zealand. In this video he dances in the streets, in the nightclubs and everywhere in between.

WATCH VIDEO: Wellington Dance Trooper 2008

Vader vs. Pharoah in Night At The Museum 2

Bonnie Burton | April 28, 2009

The Night At The Museum returns, but this time everyone’s running around the Smithsonian. In this trailer, we see many returning characters and a new one from a galaxy far, far away.

Pharoah Kah Mun Rah (played by The Simpsons Hank Azaria) mocks Darth Vader’s cape and more.

Night At The Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian Trailer


Find out more about Night At The Museum 2 here.

Colbert Eats an Ewok!

Bonnie Burton | April 28, 2009

The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert is often giving shout outs to Star Wars. He’s had a lightsaber duel with George Lucas. He’s urged the Nation to buy lightsabers to help the economy. And now, after promising he wouldn’t — he’s eaten an Ewok.


Britain’s Firefighting Stormtroopers?

Bonnie Burton | April 28, 2009

Britain’s firemen are being equipped with Star Wars-style headgear in an attempt to make their job safer. Not sure if this gear looks more like stormtrooper gear or THX 1138 helmets?

The new helmets are fitted with torches, cameras and radio links so that firefighters can use the latest technology to tackle blazes. They can resist temperatures of up to 1832F (1000C) and have gold-plated visors that can be pulled down for extra protection. Padded chin straps and soft foam on the inside ensure they are also more comfortable than ordinary firemen’s helmets.

Read the full article here:
Firemen to wear Star Wars stormtrooper helmets

Matt Lanter Talks 90210 and Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | April 27, 2009

(Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio/Wireimage)

Clone Wars voice actor Matt Lanter not only gives Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker his voice, but also plays a role in the hit relaunch of 90210. Here’s what he has to say about his work on The Clone Wars.

On playing Anakin Skywalker in the animated series ‘The Clone Wars’: “I knew it was going to be a huge thing because it was ‘Star Wars,’ but I honestly didn’t know it was going to be this huge. I think we’re the number one show for boys 6 to maybe 15 on cable and network combined. In 161 countries… I feel a closeness to that character. He’s there in appearance but I add the life and sound to him. My mom thinks she’s watching me when she sees the cartoon.”

On getting the part: “[They called me in for] a character called Deep Star Killer. I researched as much as I could on the Internet about Deep Star Killer but I couldn’t find a thing, so I decided to wing it. They told me got for something between Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Evidently they liked it – they called a few days later to tell me I got the part, ‘and by the way, it’s Anakin Skywalker, so welcome to the series.’”
“I walked in [to Skywalker Ranch] and the first thing George Lucas said was, ‘Anakin!’ To have him call me Anakin… it was mind-blowing. What an honor.”

Read the full interview here:
Matt Lanter Talks ’90210,’ ‘Star Wars’ and Saying Goodbye to Dustin Milligan (via

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Matt Lanter: The Chosen One (via

K-ON! Trooper

Bonnie Burton | April 27, 2009

Tokyo Trooper Danny Choo dances with a guitar to the song “Cagayake! GIRLS!” Watching Danny dance in armor makes me wish we actually did a Star Wars musical! He gets extra points dancing with Cosplay girls.


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Jabba the Cake

Bonnie Burton | April 27, 2009

Star Wars fan Marty sent photos of this awesome Jabba the Hutt cake to Great White Snark for its Geeky Cake of the Week:

My four year old is reallly into Star Wars now and Jabba is his favorite character (which is a bit weird to me). After I promised him a “Jabba cake” (with no real plan on how to get one) I turned to every geek’s best friend, the Internet. I found a fairly simple recipe for fondant and my wife made it. I mixed in food coloring to make the various pieces.

My favorite part was Jabba’s slime. I used green food coloring mixed in Karo syrup, then applied it generously. For the eyes I took two Whoppers candies, applied them in the hallowed out sockets then applied fondant eyelids to make the eyes more squinty (at one point it looked like Jabba had a thyroid disorder).

See more photos here:
A Jabba the Hutt Cake the Green, Slimy Way It Should Be – Geeky Cake of the Week (via Great White Snark)

Boba Fett Fashion in Dollhouse

Bonnie Burton | April 27, 2009

TV creator Joss Whedon is no stranger to giving Star Wars more than a few shout outs in his shows whether it’s the geek trio in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or his past sci-fi drama Firefly.

The in-house lab tech character Topher in Whedon’s latest show Dollhouse showed off his Star Wars cred this week in the episode “Haunted” by wearing Boba Fett sweatshirt designed by Marc Ecko.

WATCH FULL EPISODE: Dollhouse: “Haunted”

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