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Fanboys DVD Party at Golden Apple Comics

Bonnie Burton | May 18, 2009

Celebrate the DVD release of Fanboys at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, May 19, 2009! The event is also sponsored by Force-Cast (the official podcast of the and

Some cast and crew will be in attendance along with the 501st, Rebel Forces and Mandalorians to help celebrate the release of Fanboys on DVD as well as and The Phantom Menace turning 10!

R2-D2 Cameo in New Star Trek!

Bonnie Burton | May 15, 2009

If you still need a good reason to see the new Star Trek movie, this may be it. R2-D2 is in the movie as an Easter Egg, and if you can figure out which scene our beloved astromech makes an appearance, you should enter the “Star Trek Easter Egg Sweepstakes” on Facebook!

Get more info here:
Star Trek Easter Egg Sweepstakes (via Facebook)

Be sure to play with R2-D2 sounds and send your remixes to friends with our official Star Wars Soundboards here.

My Favorite Movie is Star Trek Wars

Bonnie Burton | May 14, 2009

If you’ve already seen the new Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams, you might have noticed a few homages to Star Wars.

But if you don’t have time to watch both movies and draw your own conclusions, this fan already did it for you. Check out this side-by-side comparison of the new Star Trek and the old Star Wars. And yes, it’s chock full of spoilers, so go see the movie already.

WATCH VIDEO: My Favorite Movie (Star Trek vs. Star Wars)

The Big Bang Theory Writes George Lucas

Bonnie Burton | May 14, 2009

We all love The Big Bang Theory! Sheldon does a mean Ackbar impression. They protect themselves against burglars using lightsabers replicas. And well, they’re funny.

But lately, the show has featured a few jabs against The Clone Wars animated series. So the writers of the show issued this letter to George Lucas during the end credits of one of their episodes that aired in November 2008.

It reads:


Dear George Lucas,

May I call you Mr. Lucas? On behalf of the writers of The Big Bang Theory, I would like to thank you for your astounding body of work, which has awakened the child within us and unleashed our dreams. That being said, we hope you don’t take offense at our good-natured jest regarding your most recent ainmated efforts. Yes they were cheap shots, but we can’t help but hold you to a higher standard — a standard of your own making. In closing, we are looking forward to Indiana Jones 5 – The Curse of the Golden Catheter. Oops, sorry again.

Very truly yours,

The Writers

P.S. To William Shatner of Star Trek 5.
Go ahead, sue us.

Check out the letter here:
The Big Bang Theory Letter to George Lucas
(via Chuck Lorre Production Vanity Card Archives)

Darth Maul BBQ (Sith) Sauce?

Bonnie Burton | May 14, 2009

If you’re a red-hot Sith like Darth Maul, it only makes sense to have a BBQ sauce named after you. Behold Maull BBQ sauce!

According to the web site:

Maull’s Genuine Barbecue Sauce was first created in St. Louis, Missouri over 70 years ago from Louis Maull’s original family recipe. It is still made exactly the same way today, by the Maull family, with the same unique blend of 20 select ingredients that gives Maull’s its distinctive tangy flavor.

I wonder if one of the ingredients is anger? Only Darth Maul knows for sure.

Read more here:
The Louis Maull Company

(Thanks for the tip, klaatu!)

Fanboys DVD Event in San Diego

Bonnie Burton | May 14, 2009

Get more information on the Fanboys DVD Event in San Diego here.

Best AT-AT Cake Ever

Bonnie Burton | May 13, 2009

We’ve seen cakes of Yoda, the Death Star, Millennium Falcon, R2-D2, even Chewbacca’s head; but this is the first time we’ve seen an AT-AT. Jennifer Luxmore of Sin Desserts in Providence, RI made this awesome cake and Great White Snark chatted with her about it.

The legs and base [of the Star Wars AT-AT cake] are wood, covered in gum paste and the cake is the head and body. I was in charge of baking, covering it in fondant and covering the legs with the gum paste. Phil was in charge of the design and base, Dave was in charge of color, Cutter was in charge of accessories (ie: guns), Coryndon was in charge of landscape and Joe was in charge of background. Then they all got together and painted on the details.

Check out more photos here:
Geeky Cake of the Week: Star Wars AT-AT Cake
(via Great White Snark)

Putting Star Wars into Star Trek

Bonnie Burton | May 11, 2009

MTV chats with Star Trek director and Star Wars fan J.J. Abrams about taking some elements of Star Wars and putting them into the new movie.

“That was the fun of it,” Abrams explained recently. “[I] was trying to combine both of those elements and make a movie that wasn’t like a Star Wars movie but felt that it had more pace and action than certain Star Trek movies had.”

Perhaps as a result, Captain Kirk is chased down on an ice planet by an enormous creature, Wampa-style. An early scene introduces Uhura at a bar populated by hard-drinking aliens. And in one key scene, the villain proves his ruthlessness by destroying the home planet of a key character.

“In our early conversations, [co-writer] Alex [Kurtzman] kept saying, ‘We have to put a little Star Wars into our Star Trek,’” remembered Roberto Orci, who wrote the film with Kurtzman. “It was our chocolate and our peanut butter, kind of getting into each other.”

Read the full interview here:
Star Trek Gets Some ILM Magic (via MTV)

Check out our interviews with J.J. Abrams here:

J.J. Abrams Talks Fringe, Cattle and Star Wars (via

Mission: “Lost” in Star Wars — J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof

iPhone-controlled R2-D2

Bonnie Burton | May 11, 2009

Is there anything the iPhone can’t do? A talented fan decided the best way to control his life-sized astromech would be with his iPhone.

I found a way to remote control my R2-D2 with an iPhone. In the videos I demonstrate controlling a servo and the dome motor using an iPhone using the accelerometer (tilting the iPhone controls it) and using a slider control on the touch screen. Other touch screen controls are possible too such as rotary controls, buttons, XY controls, and multitouch as well as gestures.

I should be able to interface with my J.E.D.I display as well and type in text messages in the iPhone that will scroll across the front or rear logic displays. (Cue evil mad scientist laughter ) Muh ha ha ha ha!!

WATCH VIDEOS: Remote control R2-D2 with an iPhone

Continue to read about iPhone R2-D2 here:
Glenn’s Astromech Weblog

SOURCE: MAKE magazine

Donald Faison’s Chronicles of Lando Calrissian

Bonnie Burton | May 6, 2009

Donald Faison, who plays Turk in the comedy Scrubs, was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where he showed off his Star Wars cred (he’s seen The Empire Strikes Back over 300 times) and pitched his new TV idea The Chronicles of Lando Calrissian, starring, of course, himself as Lando.

It’d be The Chronicles of Lando Calrissian starring Donald Faison. I’d be Lando. And it would be before he lost the Millennium Falcon to Han Solo in that Sabacc game. And we would be cruising across the galaxy in the Falcon gettin’ chicks, drinking ale. And the hair would be phenomenal! I’d have to wear a wig or what we could do is just shave my head for back in the day when Lando used to shave his head. He’d have a whole new crew. It would be before Episode IV. So Episode 3.5 or 3.6.

He loved the idea so much that he even made a stop-motion animation movie of what it would look like with toys that he showed on Late Night. Not surprising, his love for Star Wars influenced him so much that he ended up taking a stop-motion class when he was just a kid. He shows the clip to Jimmy and makes the sound effects off to the side. Awesome!

WATCH VIDEO: Donald Faison on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon