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The Force Is Strong with the USO and MCAS Miramar!

Ashley Eckstein | January 25, 2013

In front of an Osprey at MCAS Miramar on our USO Tour!

As a voice on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I’ve recorded several episodes about keeping the peace and fighting for the Republic. I pretend to be a character — a hero — fighting in a war and protecting the innocent from the Sith.

The key word in all of this is “pretend,” because the cast of The Clone Wars recently had the honor and privilege to do a USO tour last week at MCAS Miramar in San Diego, California, where we got to meet real-life heroes who are fighting to keep us safe everyday. The amazing staff for the USO and MCAS Miramar hosted us on-base where we got to stay and tour the facilities. We even got to go inside a real life Osprey!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars — 100 Episodes; My Photo Album

Ashley Eckstein | January 4, 2013

As an actress, you get used to change, and attachments are never easy to form because you are constantly going from job to job. However, as I sit here writing about The Clone Wars reaching 100 episodes, I feel so blessed to have spent the past 7 years of my life working on the same show with the same cast and crew. They have become my family and, it’s too late, I’ve definitely become attached. I have so many amazing memories from the past several years and as I look back, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with you!

I'll begin with this photo because this is where it all started! After two years of working on the show, we finally got to share our secret project with the world! We had no idea, the ride that we were about to go on. This photo is also very dear to me because I am right next to Ian Abercrombie. I feel so blessed to have worked with such an amazing man.

I'll begin with this photo because this is where it all started! After two years of working on the show, we finally got to share our "secret project" with the world at the movie premiere! We had no idea of the ride that we were about to go on. This photo is also very dear to me because I am right next to Ian Abercrombie. I feel so blessed to have worked with such an amazing man.


Her Universe: An Army of Fangirls!

Ashley Eckstein | December 5, 2012

A fangirl revolution started a few years ago when we launched Her Universe. It was not a single effort by me or my team, it was a united effort by an army of fangirls — starting with Star Wars fans. We were tired of settling for Star Wars clothes made for men and boys and we wanted merchandise made just for women. Lucasfilm recognized its female fans and gave me the opportunity to make Star Wars products as the first collection for my company, Her Universe.


This Holiday Season, I Am So Thankful For YOU!

Ashley Eckstein | November 26, 2012

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! If you are an international fan, reading this outside of the US, I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Here in the US, we like to eat turkey on Thanksgiving, and, in my case, lots of desserts. However, my baking did not turn out so well this past weekend: I took my brownies out of the oven to see if they were done, and when I decided to put them back in for a few more minutes…the pan flew out of my hands and onto the floor!


Oh well, we still had plenty of food to go around and lots of laughs at my butter-fingers! My two little kids were very hungry and had a great time too…


A Padawan’s Journey…All Roads Lead Back To Disney!

Ashley Eckstein | November 7, 2012

Disney + Star Wars

One could say that I “grew up Disney.” My Dad started working for Disney when I was two years old and my earliest childhood memories revolve around Disney. Growing up in Orlando, Florida, with a parent that was a Disney “cast member” definitely had its perks. I got to go to the Disney parks all the time for free, I got in to advance screenings for Disney movies, my summer camps were at the Disney resorts, and I had special opportunities like going to live tapings of The Mickey Mouse Club. I bring this up because Disney was and always has been a MAJOR influence in my life and has definitely shaped the person I am today.


Ahsoka’s Journey in The Clone Wars

Ashley Eckstein | October 11, 2012

Season Five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back in full swing and Ahsoka made her grand entrance last Saturday in “A War on Two Fronts.” I think many people were surprised because we got to see a different side of Ahsoka. Usually she’s so focused and strong, but last week, we got to see her lose a little bit of that focus and caught a glimpse of her vulnerable side. She has these feelings for Lux and she is very confused by them…even Anakin questions her lack of focus.


Star Wars Reads Day: Ashley Eckstein

Ashley Eckstein | October 3, 2012


It’s Finally Here! The Clone Wars Season 5 Premieres This Saturday!

Ashley Eckstein | September 27, 2012

Wow! It’s been an amazing summer but the wait is FINALLY over! Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Five premieres this Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. (EST/PST) on Cartoon Network. I had the privilege of attending a special screening last week in San Francisco of the first two episodes of the new season! It’s definitely incredible to watch our show on the big screen. For a full recap of that screening, make sure to read this previous post on the Star Wars Blog! Thank you to all of the fans who came, and here are some more photos from the screening!

Clone Wars Screening


Dear Diary…Ashley Eckstein’s Final Video Diary From Star Wars Celebration VI!

Ashley Eckstein | September 18, 2012

Many of you have already seen snippets of my video diary from Star Wars Celebration VI right here on the blog, but as promised, I am excited to share with you my final video diary from the entire event! With over 20 minutes of brand new footage, I take you with me behind the scenes and show you what happened from my point of view. I’m definitely a visual person and I’ve never been good at keeping a written diary, so I grabbed my camera and decided to capture the event documentary-style for everyone to see! You’ll go with me behind the scenes before our Clone Wars panel and press conference, come with me on the red carpet at the Clone Wars Season 5 premiere, watch our Her Universe photo shoot, see what happens when I try to fight with a lightsaber right handed (I’m left handed so I’m sure you can imagine how that turned out) and see what happens when I try and get Season 5 secrets out of Dave Filoni!


Star Wars And Her Universe Shine The Spotlight On Fangirls!

Ashley Eckstein | September 12, 2012

Her Universe Photos 1

Last week the Star Wars community was consumed with headlines of bullying and hurt feelings. The good news is that our community rallied together and condemned the thoughtless act of mockery and turned it into a teachable moment. However, amidst all of the negative headlines, something extremely exciting happened and I’d like to shine the spotlight on something positive in our community. (Of course I’m biased, but bear with me.) At Celebration VI, we had a Her Universe photo shoot for female Star Wars fans. Girls have been asking me for the past two years if they could be a Her Universe model. Her Universe is a brand for the fans and when the fans tell me what they want, I do my best to make it happen. So we were able to arrange a free photo shoot for any girl that showed up to strike a pose and have their photo taken by professional photographer Preston Mack.