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Exploring the Creature Cantina at Celebration VI

Pablo Hidalgo | August 22, 2012


We are on the very eve of Celebration VI. I’m writing this post in between tech rehearsals at the Behind-the-Scenes stage, looking ahead to what Saturday, August 25th holds (Here’s Day 1, and Day 2). It’s a very full day with a lot of great panels on my stage, but there’s one in particular I want to highlight. Sculptor and cantina-expert Tom Spina and I have been collaborating to make this one a must-see event. You will find out more about the creation of the Mos Eisley Cantina aliens than you could ever imagine possible, I promise you that! This panel boasts never-before-seen pictures and footage, and a chance to leave your mark on the Expanded Universe.


SWCVI: Willow & Daley: Two of My Favorite Subjects on Day 2

Pablo Hidalgo | August 16, 2012

Now where was I? Ah yes, ticking down the list of panels I’ll be hosting at the Behind the Scenes stage at Celebration VI. Day One’s been chronicled (and updated, following a scheduling switch), so let’s move onto the Friday at Celebration. Since there appear to be no rules against playing favorites,  I will do so. I mean it when I say every panel is worth seeing, but there’s a couple on Friday that I want to give extra attention to: Willow and Brian Daley.



SWCVI: Looking Ahead to Day 1 at the Behind the Scenes Stage

Pablo Hidalgo | August 9, 2012


With the release of the Star Wars Celebration VI programming schedule this week on the Celebration VI Mobile App, fans everywhere have begun sketching out their plan of attack for the biggest Star Wars party of the year. Planning my schedule is easy: I’m going to enjoy the show from the Behind the Scenes Stage, W414, since I’ll be hosting about 20 panels this year. Here’s what my first day (Thursday, August 23rd) will consist of … I hope some of it becomes your first day as well!


The Quotable Clone Wars Panel: Report from San Diego Comic-Con

Pablo Hidalgo | July 15, 2012

TCW S5 Panel

My Comic-Con commitments wrapped on Saturday, the biggest day of the event, and I’ve finally had time to collect my thoughts and my notes on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars panel held this Saturday afternoon. I welcomed to the stage supervising director Dave Filoni and head writer Matt Michnovetz – who were escorted by a “security detail” of clone troopers, courtesy of the 501st Legion – and for the next hour we reflected on Season 4, peeked at Season 5, and answered fan questions from the audience. We also revealed that the season premiere will be screened for fans at Celebration VI.


New Star Wars Books and Comics Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con

Pablo Hidalgo | July 13, 2012

At San Diego Comic-Con, I got to host a pair of panels this Star Wars Day that looked ahead into some of the publishing projects for the remainder of 2012 and into 2013. They revealed, among other things, that the chronicles of Vader’s fatherhood will continue, a pop-up acklay is a real showstopper, the classic heroes return to comics in all new adventures with an old school feel, and the Big Three return to a landmark novel that could perhaps be called postapocalyptic (see what I did there?) …



Counting Down to Star Wars at Comic-Con

Pablo Hidalgo | July 12, 2012


San Diego Comic-Con International begins today, and I’ll be moderating a trio of panels this weekend. As I rush to make sure that we’re all clear on what we’ll be talking about, and all the video and visuals are good to go, I’m thinking back to my first Comic-Con, back in the summer of 2001. It was a very different animal back then.


Now Available in Chewbacca Pink

Pablo Hidalgo | August 24, 2010

We are extremely impressed by Buzzfeed’s Star Wars-cred worthy headline over here (though we have to dock them a few nerd points for not spelling “Wookiee” correct. Two ‘e’s, people.)

Still, that’s besides the point. The point is JC Penny’s is making this lovely Worthington Cowl Neck w/ Snap Top available in “Chewbacca Pink.”

I’m sure it’s on Mallatobuck’s wish list.


More Zillo Beast Haikus

Pablo Hidalgo | April 14, 2010





Once you start doing these, you really can’t stop.

Zillo Beast Haikus

Pablo Hidalgo | April 13, 2010




Intended, of course, as the highest form of flattery. We’ll be here all week, folks as we count down to The Zillo Beast Strikes Back.

Turn Over a Star Wars Leaf

Pablo Hidalgo | November 20, 2009 alerts us to this artsy post over at The New York Times Abstract City blog by Christoph Niemann. Entitled, “Bio-Diversity,” this clever collection of fun foliage includes a piece that seemingly answers the burning question, what if leaf cutter ants were Star Wars fans?

blogleafSee the rest here.