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Meet Daniel Fritzel: The Celebration Europe Attendee With The Fastest Clicking-Finger On The Planet

Star Wars Celebration Team | February 15, 2013

Not Daniel, but one of the many colorful interpretations of his favorite character at Celebration VI.

Since going on sale January 17, Star Wars Celebration Europe tickets have been selling like pfannkuchen, and, today, we’d like to shine a spotlight on one very special fan.

Our first-day ticket numbers were awesome, our first-hour ticket numbers were astounding, our first-minute ticket numbers were downright nutty, and Daniel Fritzel — purchasing his ticket mere seconds after Celebration Europe tickets went live — was the very first fan to claim his pass to the biggest Star Wars party Europe has ever seen, and we caught up with Daniel to find out a little more about him…


10 Essential German Phrases for Star Wars Celebration Europe

Star Wars Celebration Team | January 16, 2013


Star Wars Celebration Europe is coming up fast. The full site has been launched, tickets go on sale tomorrow, a bevy of guests are in the hopper, and — from what we’ve seen on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram — fans are already hard at work on assembling collections and costumes for the first ever Star Wars Celebration in Germany. On this note, we’d like to take today to recommend that in between gathering together your pins, patches, and vintage action figure and/or knitting, sewing, or vacuum forming your duds for the costume contest, you also brush up on your German.