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R.I.P. Gilbert Taylor, Star Wars Cinematographer

Mark Newbold | August 23, 2013

The legend who shot the original Star Wars has left us. Gilbert Taylor passed away today, just eight months shy of his 100th birthday. He leaves behind an unimpeachable body of work.


Barely Tolerable: Alien Henchmen of the Empire, Part 2

Aliens are one of the most fascinating aspects of the Star Wars saga. They look strange, sound strange, and act strange — all things at odds with another iconic element of Star Wars: the martial order and perfect conformity of the Galactic Empire. This series sheds a light on some of the most notorious alien henchmen of the Empire to straddle these worlds, drawing upon the films and the Expanded Universe. In case you missed it, check out part one of “Barely Tolerable: Alien Henchmen of the Empire.”

The question: Are Tusken Raiders a form of animal, mineral, or vegetable? The answer: No one in the Empire gives a womp rat’s tail.

Anti-alien discrimination ran rampant within Imperial ranks and society. In some instances, such as that of Grand General Malcor Brashin, whose family was murdered by Rodian thugs, this prejudice was understandable, if misguided. But, for the most part, it was humans’ irrational fear of the unknown, coupled with the power-idolizing influence of Palpatine, that spiraled this instinct into an out-of-control xenophobia. Nonetheless, while Imperials were fond of instituting their bigotry into law, one maxim proved the proverbial Thorn of Ryloth in their sides: good help is hard to find.

Grand General Malcor Brashin (in hologram), a noted anti-alien bigot.

Grand General Malcor Brashin (in hologram), a noted anti-alien bigot.


Convenient Daily Departures: The History of Star Tours

James McFadden | August 22, 2013

When Lucasfilm became part of the Walt Disney Company, it sparked rampant speculation about the future of Star Wars in Disney’s theme parks. At Disney’s recent D23 Expo, one presentation confirmed future projects were on their way, but offered nothing more than tantalizing hints of things to come. As fans wait to learn more, take a look back at the original collaboration between Disney and Lucasfilm, beginning more than 25 years ago…


Star Wars Comics Preview: August 21, 2013 Team | August 21, 2013

It’s Wednesday, which means one thing: new comic books! Check out a preview of new Star Wars comics available today after the jump!


Seven Pages of Inspiration

Steve Sabellico | August 21, 2013


When Luke Skywalker stared out at the twin Tatooine suns at the beginning of Star Wars, he had no idea the adventure he was about to embark on, where it would take him, and what legacy he would leave behind. Little did he know he was exactly where he was supposed to be and his “first step into a larger world” was about to be taken. My name is Steve Sabellico and I work in the Business Affairs department at Lucasfilm Ltd. on productions including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and a little film called Star Wars: Episode VII. Like Luke, my quest was triggered by an event — not the dropping off of droids for sale, but a delivery of a different sort.

A magazine.

Cue fanfare and “Main Title” theme…


Exclusive Preview: The Star Wars #1 Team | August 20, 2013

In May 1974, George Lucas wrote a rough-draft script called The Star Wars. While not quite the story we would come to know three years later, it contains early strands of Star Wars‘ DNA, including the “Jedi-Bendu” and “Knights of the Sith,” eventually evolving into the space-fantasy fairy tale that would change filmmaking forever. But fans have long wondered: What would The Star Wars have looked like?

Finally, we’ll get an answer. The Star Wars will come to life via an eight-issue comic book miniseries from Dark Horse, written by J.W. Rinzler and illustrated by Mike Mayhew, with issue #1 hitting comic book shops on September 4. is proud to present this exclusive preview of The Star Wars #1, featuring a first look at the issue’s stunning variant covers, interior pages, and a special trailer.


Young Apprentice (Thoughts from a First-Time Star Wars Author)

Tim Lebbon | August 19, 2013

When the Special Edition of Star Wars was released in 1997, my wife and I went to the cinema to see it. I hadn’t seen the film for a few years, and it seemed like a great opportunity to view it again on the big screen.

The opening music brought a tingle of delight.

And when the Star Destroyer appeared above us on the screen, got bigger and bigger, and just kept…on…coming, I realized I was sporting a huge, goofy grin of delight. I hadn’t expected this reaction. It took me back 20 years to when my brother first took me to see Star Wars on its original release, and for the following couple of hours I was that eight-year-old boy again, marveling in wonder as I watched something that became a part of history.

Neither that eight-year-old boy, nor the 28-year-old man who felt like a boy again, could have imagined that one day he would be playing in the Star Wars universe himself.

Star Wars Mysteries: Who is Wiebba-Wiebba?

Pablo Hidalgo | August 19, 2013

Readers of this blog will know that Jabba’s palace from Return of the Jedi is filled with several longstanding mysteries (like this one, and this one). But this year, the 30th anniversary of Episode VI, I was finally able to answer a question that had been gnawing at me since 1983. Who is Wiebba-Wiebba?



I recently revealed my discovery at Celebration Europe, as part of the Return of the Jedi Creature History panel that’s been described here. It was at the end of a panel that had spent over an hour detailing as many of the creatures created for Episode VI as possible.

(more…) Weekly Roundup: August 16, 2013 Team | August 16, 2013


Wondering what’s been happening at Here’s a quick roundup of what you might have missed this week!


Drawing from the Present: Familiar Creatures in a Galaxy Far, Far Away


I told you ’bout the dino and me. You know that we’re as close as can be. Well, here’s another clue for you all…

While no man has ever seen a dinosaur from the mesozoic era, other animals from the Star Wars universe are actually very familiar to us. The absence of Earth is an important element in Star Wars‘ status as fantasy and space opera. Jocasta Nu would say: “Earth simply does not exist.” But several elements from our own planet have nevertheless slipped into that galaxy far, far away. Indigenous lifeforms from Earth (humans for example) are one of these elements.