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Troopers and Rebels: Behind the Magic at SDCC 2013

Lawrence Green | July 31, 2013



For members of the 501st and Rebel Legions, virtually every week means another opportunity somewhere in the world to put on our outfits, giving back to our local communities and helping raise donations for worthwhile causes. But it also means having FUN bringing Star Wars to life for fellow fans (and really, for ourselves, too), watching fans getting excited about interacting with their favorite Star Wars characters, and seeing the big smiles that come over everyone’s faces.


SWCE 2013: Closing Ceremonies – Liveblog Team | July 28, 2013

The grand finale of Star Wars Celebration Europe! Follow along with our liveblog!


SWCE 2013: “Mark Hamill: The Jedi Returns” Panel – Liveblog Team | July 28, 2013

The galaxy’s new hope — and Star Wars icon — Mark Hamill sits with Warwick Davis for a special chat at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Follow along with our liveblog!


SWCE 2013: “Jabba’s Palace Reunion” Panel – Highlights Team | July 28, 2013

The puppeteers and actors behind the strange creatures (as well as Jabba’s tail) of Jabba’s Palace appeared together on Celebration Stage with Warwick Davis. Here are some highlights from their Jabba-jibber-jabber.


SWCE 2013: “The Fett-Tastic Four” Panel – Highlights Team | July 28, 2013

All four actors who portrayed iconic bounty hunter Boba Fett — Jeremy Bulloch (The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, appearing in full costume), Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones, and the voice of the animated Boba in the three-part Season Two finale and in Season Four of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series), Dickey Beer (stunt performer in Return of the Jedi), and John Morton (in a scene Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back) — came together for the first time in a special panel with Warwick Davis at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Here are some highlights and Fett facts!


SWCE 2013: “Straight Talk from a Princess” Panel with Carrie Fisher – Liveblog Team | July 27, 2013


Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher joins Warwick Davis for a chat on Celebration Stage, and we’re here to liveblog it for you!


SWCE 2013: Fan Stories

Dan Brooks | July 27, 2013

Star Wars Celebration Europe is here, and fans from all over the world have been enjoying the show’s panels, exhibits, sights, and sounds. Walking the show floor and seeing all the costumers, fan-made props, and excitement for the future of Star Wars makes one thing very clear: The Force is strong in 2013, and it’s the fans that make it so.


Caravan of the Force: “Here They Come!”


Day 6: Wednesday, 24th July

After a restful night’s sleep in Utrecht, Holland, we awoke a little later than normal before we started our final day of travel to Star Wars Celebration Europe onboard the Caravan of the Force, in association with Toys”R”Us. We all enjoyed a good breakfast and the hotel management ensured we had provisions for our journey in the form of mini muffins.

We loaded Boba Fett, a.k.a. Jeremy Bulloch, into the cargo hold and once the rest of us were ready and the satellite navigation systems were programmed with the address of Messe Essen, we started the drive. Along the route we found a great Italian restaurant where we all enjoyed rather large pizzas and big bowls of pasta.


SWCE 2013: Opening Day Highlights

Tim Veekhoven | July 27, 2013

What a great — but already very busy — day at Star Wars Celebration Europe in Essen. Let’s bring you up to date with a quick review of some of the great panels and events that took place!


SWCE 2013: Star Wars Rebels Panel with Dave Filoni – Liveblog Team | July 27, 2013


Dave Filoni, supervising director of The Clone Wars is about to join Warwick Davis for a talk about Lucasfilm’s next animated series: Star Wars Rebels, which he is executive producing. And we’re here to liveblog it for you!