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My Photo Album from Disney’s Star Wars Weekends 2013

Ashley Eckstein | June 18, 2013

Being the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars has truly changed my life. It’s given me the opportunity to do so many amazing things, and one of the opportunities I’m most thankful for has been the chance to co-host Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, which I’ve done for the past five years. I had a blast this summer with my fellow cast mate, James Arnold Taylor, as we spent a month at Disney World meeting fans and celebrating Star Wars!

I took SO many photos and thought I would share some of my favorites. Check them out after the jump!

This was my view from the stage during the motorcade. It's amazing to look out and see a sea of Star Wars fans!


Special Preview: Gentle Giant’s SDCC-Exclusive Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust Team | June 18, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con attracts thousands of attendees each year. They go for the costumes, first looks at movies and TV shows, the chance to meet comic book artists and writers, and panel discussions. But there’s another big draw: exclusive collectibles created just for the show. Gentle Giant, purveyors of finely-crafted maquettes and busts, has some exciting exclusives planned for this year — one of which celebrates a certain bounty hunter who successfully tracked the Millennium Falcon to Cloud City. is proud to reveal it here first.


Pringles’ “The Force For Fun” Contest: Wookiee Mistake

Brooke Dooley | June 17, 2013

If there’s one thing that creative collaborators can agree on, it’s that they love Chewie — especially a dancing Chewie.

Enter filmmaking duo “Side of Fries” comprised of Jordan Allen and Luke Rocheleau, who got together to co-write and co-direct “A Wookiee Mistake,” a Pringles commercial infused with Star Wars influences and characters for “The Force For Fun” program. One of the lead characters is Frank: the loyal office Wookiee who is oblivious to his mistakes.

After producing the commercial, I spoke with Jordan and Luke about their inspiration for creating Frank’s character and what it was like to work with an actual Wookiee.


Finding the Right Job for IG-88 in Vader’s Little Princess

Jeffrey Brown | June 14, 2013

When I started working on Vader’s Little Princess, I wanted to come up with a bit more than a hundred ideas, from which we’d select the favorites to include in the book. Some of these ideas were taking parenting situations and fitting them into a Star Wars scene, and some were characters or bits of dialogue that I wanted to include and just needed to find the right parenting scenario to fit with them. I loved drawing IG-88 in Darth Vader and Son, and wanted to draw him again, as well as seeing if I could figure out a way to include Vader’s “no disintegrations” line. My first idea was Vader using IG-88 to deliver flowers to his daughter. The initial sketch wasn’t quite finished, but I thought I could refine it to make it work better.



Disney and Star Wars: When Geek Worlds Collide

Jennifer Heddle | June 14, 2013


May was a very busy month for me, not least because of a couple of trips down to the Disney offices in southern California. Becoming part of Disney is as surreal an experience for me as initially joining Lucasfilm was, as both Disney and Star Wars are lifelong loves of mine. In fact, while I was down there, one of the HR people caught me eyeing the new Disney Princess merchandise twice. How embarrassing.

Disney and Star Wars is not such an odd combination, though, when you think about it. Star Wars is in many ways a fairy tale — fairy tales are, after all, just different versions of myths. (As a kid I was obsessed with Greek mythology, too, so I’m definitely consistent!) These stories tap into something elemental, something cosmic. There’s a reason every culture has its stories that it tells over and over again. We’re all just trying to understand our place in the universe.


Sculpting The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels with Darren Marshall

Dave Filoni | June 13, 2013


Hello Star Wars fans,

If you have followed the Clone Wars TV series over the years you will no doubt be familiar with the names of some of my team who are, for the most part, behind the scenes. When I was first making my transition from traditional hand drawn animation to the possibilities CG animation offered, I was very concerned with how the drawings Kilian Plunkett and I were doing would be realized in three dimensions. How did we solve this problem? Enter design artist and sculptor Darren Marshall. Darren has been a member of the Lucasfilm Animation team for eleven years. Predating the creation of The Clone Wars, Darren was part of a special team of artists who were pitching animated concepts to Lucasfilm. When I came in to direct The Clone Wars, Darren was about to leave, believing his time at Lucasfilm was over, since it is rare to have a sculptor on a television series. However, when I saw his work, I knew that Darren would be able to make the critical translation between line art and three-dimensional form work. Simply put, Darren defined the style of the characters on Clone Wars, and has done so as a critical part of the design team for the past eight years.


Fully Operational Fandom: Scissors Are the Lightsabers of Crafting

Amy Ratcliffe | June 13, 2013

tauntaun skin rug logo

One of my favorite activities at summer camp when I was a kid was crafting. I wasn’t remotely athletic. The camp’s pond was a muddy brown, and I didn’t like to imagine what was beneath the surface. There wasn’t horseback riding and only a few hikes so I spent as much time as possible making friendship bracelets, creating images with Perler beads, and experimenting with Shrinky Dinks. I sadly didn’t know anything about Star Wars at that age (I’m a late bloomer), otherwise I’m sure I would have been making Leia buns from yarn and paper-mache astromechs.

It’s just a fun way to express your fandom. Tons of fans choose to funnel their passion for Star Wars into crafting home goods and wearables.


The Droids Re-Animated, Part 1

Some friendships are forged in a single moment, others from a lifetime of experiences shared. Poets have devoted countless pages to celebrating such friendships, but there is another about which far less has been written. That friendship is forged in chrome.

C-3PO, built by nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker from the scrapped remains of several Cybot Galactica protocol droids, had a marked tendency toward fretting and prissiness. The smaller R2-D2, an Industrial Automaton astromech with an amazing knack for thinking his way out of trouble, had little tolerance for such qualities. And yet, theirs is a friendship that has stood the test of time.

C-3PO and his counterpart, R2-D2

C-3PO and his counterpart, R2-D2

Introduced to each other just before the Battle of Naboo and reacquainted ten years later, R2-D2 and C-3PO went on to share many adventures together. The droids’ circuits recoiled as they watched the Republic transform into the Empire, Anakin Skywalker fall to the dark side, and Padmé Amidala die in child birth. But they also witnessed the birth of a new hope, the Skywalker twins Luke and Leia.


Star Wars Comics Preview: June 12, 2013 Team | June 12, 2013

It’s Wednesday, which means one thing: new comic books! Check out a preview of new Star Wars comics available today after the jump!


Star Wars: Battlefront Returns Team | June 10, 2013


Combining stunning visuals, incisive gameplay, and smart level design, the Star Wars: Battlefront video games took fans into the Star Wars universe in previously unexplored ways. The series beautifully showcased Star Wars locales, featured intense ground-battle action, and allowed gamers to fight for the Empire, the Republic, the Rebellion, and other factions. They were not just great Star Wars games; they were great video games in their own right. And we are thrilled to confirm that the series will continue.