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SWCVI: Happy Birthday to Ray Park Team | August 23, 2012

Star Wars fans wish Ray Park a very happy birthday from the convention floor of Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL.

Ashley Eckstein’s CVI Video Diaries: Preview Night!

Ashley Eckstein | August 23, 2012


SWCVI: Mission Report: Day ZERO

Stefan Cembolista | August 22, 2012


The war of the clones… begun it has…

The Belgian Prop crew touched down in Orlando last Sunday, as scheduled! After a first refreshing swim, and an also refreshing thunderstorm we deployed the team on Monday morning first hour at the convention center…


Exploring the Creature Cantina at Celebration VI

Pablo Hidalgo | August 22, 2012


We are on the very eve of Celebration VI. I’m writing this post in between tech rehearsals at the Behind-the-Scenes stage, looking ahead to what Saturday, August 25th holds (Here’s Day 1, and Day 2). It’s a very full day with a lot of great panels on my stage, but there’s one in particular I want to highlight. Sculptor and cantina-expert Tom Spina and I have been collaborating to make this one a must-see event. You will find out more about the creation of the Mos Eisley Cantina aliens than you could ever imagine possible, I promise you that! This panel boasts never-before-seen pictures and footage, and a chance to leave your mark on the Expanded Universe.


SWCVI: Power Converters: The Surprising Truth

Aaron Allston | August 22, 2012

Aaron Allson

Writers are often asked where we get our ideas. And most of us have some sort of stock reply for that question — a reply that may be snarky and humorous or studied and informative.


SWCVI: Smuggler’s Gambit – A LIVE Audio Adventure

| August 22, 2012


It was the late 80’s and Star Wars was officially dead.  Bantha Tracks had vanished in the sand and Star Wars quickly turning into a fading franchise.  During those dark days of fandom I was desperate to get my hands on anything Star Wars to keep the magic alive.  Thankfully I discovered the Star Wars NPR Radio Dramas by Brian Daley!


SWCVI: What I Want to Do, Part Two

Mary Franklin | August 21, 2012

If I were enjoying Celebration as an attendee rather than enjoying it as a worker, here’s what I would do after I took Joel Aron’s photography class (discussed in my previous blog, Part One).

Build Some Tatooine

Tusken Hut

Tusken Hut


UPDATED WITH WINNERS: Star Wars Celebration VI Fan Video Contest Team | August 21, 2012

Congratulations Week 4 Winner: Jedi Jesse


Maybe now my father believes me…

Troy Denning | August 21, 2012

Denning signing

We knew it would be big from the start. It was early June, 1977, and I had just graduated from high school in the small mountain town of Idaho Springs, Colorado. To celebrate, a buddy suggested we go to Denver to see a movie he had been hearing good things about.


SWCVI: What I Want to Do, Part One

Mary Franklin | August 20, 2012
 Mary Franklin Self Portrait

Mary Franklin Self Portrait

Each Celebration, while working on the programming for the show, I come up with a mental list of what I would do if I were coming to the show as an attendee rather than as part of the production.

Don’t get me wrong – what I do is really fun. I can’t think of any job I would rather do, nor really of anything I would rather do than be behind the scenes at a Celebration. But if I could sneak away from responsibility for a bit here’s where I would go: