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On the Brink of the Future

Pablo Hidalgo | October 30, 2012

For Star Wars fans, today’s great news is seismic. The prospect of new movies invites a rush of questions as the mind races to grasp its implications. The one that sticks in my mind, though, isn’t about the movies. It’s: “Where were you when you heard?” While the temptation is to speculate wildly on what lies beyond the horizon and be mindful of the future, I also don’t want to lose track of the present, as Qui-Gon advises in Episode I.

To my fellow old school Star Wars fans, I ask you to reach into your collection and dust off Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine #10, the Winter 1990 issue of the official fan club magazine. I’ll wait while you admire the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade cover. Now flip it open, and there, on page 1, is the breathless headline that blares, “The FORCE To Return In The 90′s!!”



The Long, Winding, and Shapeshifting Trail to Episodes VII, VIII & IX

J.W. Rinzler | October 30, 2012

The long conjectured third Star Wars trilogy has kept fans guessing for decades, and may even have a few numerologists working on their mysteries. George Lucas’ shifting feelings about future Star Wars trilogies have consistently clouded the picture. Given the difficulties associated with the birth of Star Wars in 1977, it’s no wonder that Lucas’s ideas kaleidoscoped. When trying to get such a big undertaking up and running and out the door, visions of the future are understandably hazy. But, as of October 30, 2012, Episodes VII, VIII and IX have been announced as real and soon to be tangible — but they’ve existed as gossamer spirits for nearly 40 years.

On December 29, 1975, in conversation with Alan Dean Foster per the novelization of Star Wars, Lucas mentioned the prequel trilogy along with what would become Episodes V and VI: “I want to have Luke kiss the Princess in the second book. In the third book, I want the story just about the soap opera of the Skywalker family, which ends with the destruction of the Empire. Then someday I want to do the back story of Kenobi as a young man – a story of the Jedi and how the Emperor eventually takes over and turns the whole thing from a Republic into an Empire, and tricks all the Jedi and kills them. The whole battle where Luke’s father gets killed. That would be impossible to do, but it’s great to dream about.”


Lucasfilm + Disney = More Star Wars and Great Times for Fans

Steve Sansweet | October 30, 2012

Today’s double-barreled announcement – that The Walt Disney Co. is buying Lucasfilm Ltd. and that more Star Wars movies are going to be made starting almost immediately – has me pinching myself – but this is no dream. For me, and for countless millions of fellow Star Wars fans worldwide, this thunderclap couldn’t possibly be any better. Let me explain.


Report from the Star Wars Celebration Europe II Tour

Mary Franklin | October 30, 2012


After meeting with Star Wars fans in London, Germany, and Belgium over the past two weeks, I’m once again awed and inspired by the creativity (and organization!) of the fan community.

In prepping for Celebration Europe II, I was also able to spend quality time in the Essen convention center (Messe Essen) with some colleagues from Lucasfilm and our counterparts at ReedPOP. We considered possible floor plans, went over the audio/visual and other technical details, and eyed up some spaces for possible evening events.

This solid planning, plus the fact that tickets will go on sale very soon at, makes me feel like we are well underway to an exciting event next July.


Last-Minute Star Wars Costume Ideas

Jennifer Landa | October 29, 2012

Star Wars Halloween

It’s the day before Halloween and you don’t have a costume. Dressing up like Queen Amidala might be out of reach, but there are plenty of other Star Wars costumes you can make in a day. Maybe you just got invited to a Halloween party? Or perhaps you want to dress up for school or work tomorrow? Whatever the case may be, fear not! Here are some Star Wars costume ideas that will help you get ready for Halloween in a hurry!


Caravan of Courage: The Road to Star Wars Celebration Europe II

James Burns & Mark Newbold | October 29, 2012
Photo (from left-to-right): - Mark Mulcaster (Rebel Legion), Suzi Sterling (Rebel Legion), Stephen Smith (UK Garrison), Mary Franklin (Lucasfilm), Gary Hailes (UK Garrison), Steve Buckley (UK Garrison), James Burns (Jedi News) and Oliver Steeples (R2 Builders Club)

Photo (from left-to-right): - Mark Mulcaster (Rebel Legion), Suzi Sterling (Rebel Legion), Stephen Smith (UK Garrison), Mary Franklin (Lucasfilm), Gary Hailes (UK Garrison), Steve Buckley (UK Garrison), James Burns (Jedi News) and Oliver Steeples (R2 Builders Club)

The 30th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi is a landmark too big to go un-celebrated, and if there’s one thing Star Wars fans know how to do better than anyone, it’s how to celebrate and party.

But five long years have passed since the summer of 2007, which saw the dual hit of Celebration IV in May and Celebration Europe, held at the Excel in London over the weekend of July 13-15. Bringing the saga to the country where the majority of the first four movies were filmed, UK and European fans were treated to appearances by Mark Hamill, Ian McDiarmid, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and a plethora of galactic stars, as well as the premiere of Fanboys, Charles Ross and the One Man Star Wars Trilogy, the Palitoy 2007 Archive, talks, signings, parties, and much, much more. There was even the infamous Jedi versus Sith battle on the bridge!

The Inspiration Behind Gap Kids’ New Star Wars Clothes Team | October 29, 2012


Star Wars-inspired clothing has been around since the original film made its debut in 1977, but Gap Kids’ new line stands apart as original and unique. Created by Junk Food Clothing, the retro-cool collection includes hoodies, fleece pants, socks, watches, and more, with designs celebrating the entire six-film saga.

(more…) Weekly Roundup: October 26, 2012 Team | October 26, 2012


Wondering what’s been happening at Here’s a quick roundup of what you might have missed this week, including a special update to’s Ewok Village game, even more Halloween-themed content on the Official Star Wars Blog, the release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Complete Season Four on Blu-ray and DVD, and lots more!


Chronicling The Clone Wars  #4

Leland Chee | October 26, 2012


The Nute Gunray saga continues! Plus, the introduction of Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka.


“Cloak of Darkness” (S109)

Ahsoka and Jedi Master Luminara escort captured viceroy Nute Gunray to trial, unaware that Count Dooku has dispatched his deadly apprentice assassin Asajj Ventress to free the prisoner and eliminate the Jedi.


Of Boba Brains and Bantha Blood: Halloween in the Star Wars  Universe

Joe Schreiber | October 26, 2012


Life is short and eternity is forever, and it’s impossible to gauge the consequences of anything that we undertake — but I can honestly say that way back in 2007, when my agent first approached me about writing a Star Wars zombie novel (as we were referring to it way back then), I had no idea of the far-reaching implications of such an enterprise.