SDCC: Lucasfilm Pavilion Sneak Peek

Mary Franklin | July 11, 2012

Tuesday night at the Lucasfilm Pavilion, San Diego Comic-Con International. The build is just starting to come together for the preview night tomorrow night. Read on for some impressions and photos from behind-the-scenes as we finish getting ready…

New in Town

Industrial Light & Magic is making its inaugural appearance in the Lucasfilm pavilion this year. A big pallet of stuff arrived just at the end of the day, that I think they are going to give away. If you ever dreamed of meeting one of the artistic geniuses from Lucasfilm’s famed visual effects division, this Comic-Con is your chance to do so.

Mad Engine, the makers of great shirts, is still packed up, but I look forward to seeing what they pull out of their boxes tomorrow.


What a lot of cool Star Wars camp chairs! Camp Planners was looking for more places to stack their wares tonight.


Whatever you do, take time to watch the footage on the little camera on this animated and completely brilliant Boba Fett helmet created by Legacy Effects. This and a few other helmets will be on display in the pavilion, and are a small sneak peek of the full exhibit planned for Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida next month. The helmets will be auctioned after Celebration to benefit Make-A-Wish.

Game On

Hands-on game stations for The Clone Wars Adventures (Sony Online Entertainment) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (Bioware) will offer even more reasons to hang out in the pavilion and have fun playing in the Star Wars galaxy.

Spotted in the Star Wars Zip Code

No pictures yet, because they were still in crates, but Terry from Hasbro showed me the big-sized models of the Fighter Pod Darth Vader and Chewbacca. Never have a Dark Lord of the Sith and a Walking Carpet looked so damned adorable!

Stuff I want to Buy


For geek girls, the hoods to have from Her Universe.


Just when I think there could not possibly be more plush Star Wars stuff I have to have, Alan and Hank from Comic Images show up with more awesome and soft, huggable things. This year it’s hats. Nice buns, Hank!


Who wouldn’t want to stand between these two dashing scoundrels in the Del Rey booth?


The crew from Hallmark gets ready to reveal the con’s hot holiday ornament collectibles.


Sure, the rock-n-roll Star Wars bags and buckles are really cool, but just hanging out with the Rock Rebel guys is a great time.

The Big Tease


I can’t wait to write about this Lucasfilm pavilion experience later in the week. Because the pen is mightier than the snake…er…I mean mightier than the sword!

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