Introducing… Mary Franklin

Mary Franklin | July 9, 2012

Editor’s Note: Fans who have attended previous Star Wars Celebrations, or visited Lucasfilm’s booths at ComicCon or other major events, might well recognize Mary Franklin. Since 2001, Mary has been coordinating events large and small for Lucasfilm, and is often one of the main points of contact with the fan community. She also edits Bantha Tracks, the fan mail column in Star Wars Insider, and starting now, will be a regular blogger here at, covering the worlds of events and fandom. Read on for her first dispatch…

My title at Lucasfilm is Sr. Events Lead, and thanks to the versatility of this company my job means I and my team can be working on any number of interesting and exciting things at any time. I started at Lucasfilm in 2001, hired by Steve Sansweet and the Marketing group to work on one project only: Star Wars Celebration II, which was held in Indianapolis.

I was brought in not only because I had marketing and event experience, but because I am a fan, and because I was very active in the online Star Wars fan community at the time. My goal for Celebration II was to help make it come off smoothly, but also to make it truly “By the Fan; For the Fans.” In that first year I learned that making fans and their passions a part of the production, not simply the audience, was one of the best things we could do for the Celebrations.

Even though mine was meant to be a temporary job, I’m very happy to still be here. I’ve been honored to work on all the Celebrations, in the States as well as in Europe and Japan, and other events for all of the divisions of Lucasfilm.

I have a lot to share about the upcoming events – the inside workings of Star Wars Celebration VI, of what we have planned at San Diego Comic-Con International, and more. Check back throughout this week, because there’s a lot to share!

That’s what I’m looking forward to talking about, but let me know what it is you want to hear about, too. Of course I can’t tell *all* the secrets of the upcoming shows, but I can always share some things!


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