Course of the Force: The Fan is Strong with Me

Alex Albrecht | July 6, 2012

Alex Albrecht

My name is Alex Albrecht and I’m a Star Wars nerd. I say this with pride. As a child of the ‘80s I, like most of us, fell in and out of love with many different nerdy things over the years. My love affairs included trysts with the likes of Inhumanoids, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Visionaries as well as many others. What did they all have in common? I stopped being enamored with them all. All except one, Star Wars.

I can’t remember a time I wasn’t head over heels in love with Star Wars. When I was 4 years old and it was time for my 5th birthday party, I knew there was only one person I needed to have there… Luke Skywalker. Now, as a boy living in Northern Virginia, getting Luke Skywalker to come to my birthday party was going to be tough. Thankfully my parents had an idea. “Why don’t you send a birthday invite to 20th Century Fox?” Could this be the answer to my prayers? Would this invite get to THE Luke Skywalker? I wrote the most excited birthday invitation ever. “Dear Mr. Skywalker, Please come to my 5th birthday party in Virginia. Thank you, Alex” Would it work?

The day of my party came and I was shaking with anticipation. Then, a knock at the door. I bolted to the door and no, it wasn’t Luke Skywalker, but it was something almost as good. A man from Western Union was there with a telegram addressed to me. I opened the envelope and nearly hit the floor. The telegram was from LUKE SKYWALKER! Care of 20th Century Fox. It read:

Dear Alex,

Off fighting for the rebellion and can’t make it to your party. All the force wishes you a happy birthday.

-Luke Skywalker

It was the best birthday gift little 5 year-old me could have asked for. Flash forward 30 years and for my 35th birthday, I got myself a little gift. I had my Fulmer Bobber helmet custom painted to match Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing fighter pilot helmet from Star Wars Episode IV. To me, Star Wars is a lifetime love affair.

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