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StarWars.com Team | July 2, 2012

It’s been just about two months since we put this blog on hiatus to update its design and develop a new approach to content. It took a bit longer than we had hoped, but we’re glad to say that starting today, we’re back… with a few exciting changes.

We want the Star Wars Blog to be as exceptional as the fan community that it’s written for, and that requires both ongoing commitment and a specific vision.

The truth is that this blog – much as we love it – often got less attention than it deserved, and became a place to put stories that don’t fit somewhere else on StarWars.com. Sure, we can give you news and announcements, but so can all of the community sites we now feature on the site. We can talk about collectibles and books, and point to stories from around the web, and we plan to keep doing all of that.

But this has also been a place to cover one of our favorite topics: the fans (including you!) that make Star Wars exceptional and exciting. What we do at Lucasfilm is only half of the story: what you do is just as important.

At its best, that’s what the Star Wars Blog should be about.

So, what do you want to see around here?
During the break, many of you shared your ideas and suggestions, and told us what you’d like to see the blog focus on – and while we weren’t able to respond to everyone, we were listening, reading and discussing every single comment.

Great. So what happens now?
We thought you’d never ask! (But we’re glad you did, because this is the part we’re excited to share.) Starting today, we’re thrilled to announce a few big changes.

First, you’re going to see a lot more faces around here.
Starting this afternoon, the Star Wars Blog will become a true group effort, with more than a dozen regular writers from both inside and outside of Lucasfilm, representing a huge range of interests and perspectives on Star Wars and fandom. On top of that, we’ve also invited a galaxy (pardon the pun) of guest bloggers to write in.

Second, we want to bring you stories you can’t find anywhere else.
We want to give you much deeper access to Star Wars. Without ruining all of the surprises we’ve lined up, here’s some of what you can expect moving forward:

  • Supervising Director Dave Filoni will be sharing insights and stories from behind-the-scenes of The Clone Wars, along with other cast and crew.
  • We’re going to open up the Lucasfilm archives, with J.W. Rinzler and others sharing never-before-seen images, videos and stories from the making of the films.
  • Resident Star Wars experts Pablo Hidalgo and Leland Chee will be sharing details about the Expanded Universe and answering your questions.
  • Lucasfilm Events Coordinator Mary Franklin will share stories from behind-the-scenes as we get ready for events like ComicCon and Celebration VI.

We’re also planning to introduce you to the creative leads of upcoming video game projects like Star Wars 1313, the authors and artists behind Star Wars EU books and comics, the designers who make the most-coveted Star Wars collectibles, and more.

And, just as important are the stories from outside Lucasfilm, so we’re proud to say that our bloggers also include super-collectors and experts like Steve Sansweet, members of fan communities like the 501st Legion, artists like Katie Cook, and many, many more.

Third, we’re going to experiment… and we need your help.
We’re trying to do something new. We’re going to explore a lot of new possibilities, and as a result, we’re going to figure out what works as we go along. We won’t get everything right, at least not right away.

But here’s the thing: we want to get it right. We want to give you the blog you want, and deserve. We want this to be a place where fans come together to meet each other, to discuss topics we all care about, and to hear each others’ stories.

To do that, we need your help. We need your input and your feedback, your suggestions and your concerns. (Also, we might need a little bit of patience!) And while we can’t always respond to all of your comments, we will keep reading them. We’ll do our best to respond, and more important, to listen.

We’re excited about what’s coming, and we hope you are too. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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