Japanese Premium Star Wars Character Straps

Pete Vilmur | February 28, 2012

Starting today, Japanese fans will discover a bunch of cool Star Wars premiums attached to several Suntory beverage products throughout the land, including a dozen Panson Works (a popular soft vinyl toy design in Japan) figure straps and 8 Bearbrick figures from Episode I (also including Darth Vader).

The Panson Works figures, which measure between 2-3 cm tall (1-1.25 inches) will be available on Pepsi Nex products only; the Bearbricks will be distributed through Pepsi NEX, Suntory Natural Mineral Water, IYEMON KOIME, Nichirei Acerola and Lipton Limone. While there are many more brands offering the Bearbricks premiums, there are twice as many Panson Works figures being produced – so look sharp!

Finally, if consumers collect enough Pepsi Nex marks (which are printed on the bottle label of Pepsi Nex), they can redeem them for Big Panson Works — a Darth Maul (15cm tall) and an R2-D2 (12cm tall). Only 500 are being produced and will be available while supplies last! The Star Wars Panson Works and Bearbricks promotion ends April 16, 2012.


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