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Pete Vilmur | February 24, 2012

With Asajj Ventress returning to The Clone Wars tonight, we thought we’d dust off and update this collectibles story from last year about the galaxy’s deadliest (and sultriest) Sith assassin…

With Ventress’s first televised appearance taking place on November 14, 2003 during an episode of the original Clone Wars animated micro-series, the character’s look and story have evolved considerably, culminating in some shocking events we’ll witness in tonight’s episode, “Massacre.”

Since her debut over eight years ago, there’s been quite the coven of Ventress collectibles produced, from her early appearance on the 2003 series posters to the many turns she’s had as a Hasbro action figure. For the intrepid Asajj aficionado, we’ve compiled a year-by-year list of all the Ventress collectibles our dark side sources could uncover:


Late 2003 saw images of Clone Wars villainess Asajj Ventress used on the promotional poster and brochure for the series, as well as two action figures: one based on her animated appearance, and the other interpreted by Hasbro sculptors in a more “real-world” guise.


For the original series’ second season debut in April, 2004, Ventress again appeared on the promotional poster, sold exclusively at StarWarsShop along with a postcard and pin set offered there as well. Acme Archives offered a limited sericel of Asajj vs. Anakin, while Wizards of the Coast served up the first gaming miniature of Dooku’s assassin. Gentle Giant’s stunning maquette of the animated Asajj is highly coveted by collectors of the original series.


Asajj’s sole appearance in 2005 came in the form of a dramatic sculpt from Hasbro’s Unleashed line.


In 2006, Acme Archives produced an Asajj Character Key sericel sold exclusively through Razor’s Edge Collectibles, Wizards of the Coast created Ventress’ Starfighter (the only 3D model to date), and Hallmark trimmed the trees of Clone Wars fans with a dramatically-posed holiday ornament.


2007 saw an Asajj entry from Hasbro’s Jedi vs. Sith Battlepack, which included a new sculpt of the assassin that seems to merge her animated Clone Wars appearance with more realistic proportions. Sideshow Collectibles also added Asajj to their 12-inch figure series.


Ventress was back with a vengeance in 2008 with no less than ten new pieces offered to collectors: Sideshow’s Premium Format Ventress figure with interchangeable head portraits; Hasbro’s Asajj mini-figure from their Galactic Heroes line as well as an action figure based on her new look in the series; a McDonald’s roll-toy; an adult-size costume from Rubie’s Costumes; a bobble head from Funko; a stunning statue of Ventress and Dooku from Gentle Giant; a LEGO mini-figure and key chain; a Mighty Mugg from Hasbro’s urban vinyl-inspired series; and Kotobukiya’s Ventress vinyl model (whew!).


Ventress fans finally received their first official FX lightsaber courtesy of Hasbro in 2009, and gamers got two different poses of the assassin from Wizards of the Coast. Sideshow produced a dramatic diorama of Anakin vs. Asajj based on a climactic scene from the first animated series.


Offerings of the Clone Wars assassin were relatively slim for 2010, with Hasbro serving up new packaging and an insert Galactic Battle Game card for their Asajj Ventress figure as well as a Ventress Mighty Beanz from the series by Moose Enterprises.


Ventress appeared for a second time in LEGO form (this time with Anakin and Savage Opress) in the LEGO Sith Nightspeeder set from 2011.


Due out this August, Sideshow Collectibles’ 1:1 Asajj Ventress life-size bust is a stunner, and destined to enhance the desirability of the assassin’s prop replica lightsabers for display alongside the piece.

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