Episode I Toy Premiums from French Quick Restaurants

Pete Vilmur | February 3, 2012

Fans from France, Belgium and Luxemburg may have recently discovered a cool Episode I 3D-themed promotion overtaking their local Quick restaurant – a promotion which earned a lot of buzz last month with a sneak peek of a black-bunned “Dark Vador Burger” (which doesn’t yet appear on the chain’s French site – it will be offered exclusively in France between March 2 – 5).

In addition to the Dark Burger and Jedi Burger currently available between January 31 and March 1 in France (or to March 5 in Belgium and Luxemburg), there are several Episode I 3D toys being offered in Quick “Magic Boxes”, the equivalent of a Happy Meal box in the U.S. While the Magic Box toys are usually reserved for younger children, older fans – ages 9-14 – are eligible to receive some cool menu top box items, such as light-up lightsaber key chains, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, buttons, and iron-ons.

Check out the Magic Box prizes below, with the menu top box premiums for older kids shown at the bottom (and if you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind doing a little navigating around a French-language site, you can find the promotion’s TV spot as well as pdf downloads of the Dark Burger and Jedi Burger posters!):

Podracer roll-along

Tatooine “sand globe”

R2-D2 roll-along (dome turns as he rolls)

Wind-up spinning Queen Amidala

Throne room mini doll house

Naboo Starfighter wrist projectile launcher (Velcro wrist strap, projectiles stored in cockpit)

Droid Starfighter wrist projectile launcher (Velcro wrist strap, projectiles stored in cockpit)

Yoda roll-along figure with illuminating lightsaber (when rolled)

Amidala doll with interchangeable outfits

Amidala figure with sticker roll

Menu top box premiums:

Illuminating lightsaber key chains

Glow-in-the-dark bracelets: “Star Wars”, “Queen for a Day”, “Jedi Master”, and “May the Force Be With You”



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