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Pete Vilmur | January 20, 2012

1999: Darth Maul transit poster from Hong Kong

With our Darth Maul-themed week of content giving way to “Droids” on Monday, we wanted to squeeze in one last bit of retro Maul material before the week closes out. To that end, we’ve dug up eight poster images featuring Episode I’s enduringly vogue villain, from the 1999 international campaign to Koto’s ukiyo-e style Maul of 2011:

1999: Unisource Papers used a Maul visage which now appears hopelessly outdated by today’s CGI standards, but no less intimidating

1999: Williams used the Sith Lord to great effect for this Episode I pinball poster

2001: Iain McCaig’s Darth Maul concept art proved quite effective for this Finnish “Art of Star Wars” exhibit poster

2005: Randy Martinez rocked the dark side with his limited-to-250 Star Wars Celebration IV print

2008: Spike TV Star Wars Saga campaign poster

2010: Disney’s Star Wars Weekends poster designers exposed the softer side of the Sith for their 2010 poster campaign

Kotobukiya produced an ukiyo-e (“pictures of the floating world”) style illustration of Darth Maul for the 2011 Star Wars Fan Club, a design which was soon transformed into a 3D sculpture

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