Week 2: Exclusive Darth Maul Tee Now Available

StarWars.com Team | January 18, 2012

StarWars.com’s 5-week Episode I 3D campaign continues — Week 2: Darth Maul

The ramp-up to Episode I 3D’s release on February 10 continues this week with a bunch of cool Darth Maul content on the official site, including the uber-cool “Darth Maul Me” feature (which transforms your own face into a red-and-black-tattooed monstrosity!) and an all-new exclusive Darth Maul t-shirt designed by Reece Ward, available through this Sunday only at welovefine.com!

So be sure and visit StarWars.com’s Maul-themed page for free activities and downloadables, then head to welovefine.com for the exclusive Maul tee, which is also available as a women’s fitted tee and hoodie. Stay tuned next week for Week 3 of special Episode I 3D content and exclusives: Jedi!


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