Star Wars Holiday Cards Craft

Bonnie Burton | December 19, 2011

Want to send this year’s seasons greetings from Darth Vader, R2-D2 and Yoda? Making your own holiday collage cards is fun and easy.

To make a collage card all you need is a collection of images from your favorite magazines and comics, glitter glue and construction paper!

Famous surrealist artists used the collage technique to make interesting art from photos, newspaper clippings, ribbons, magazine images and fabric scraps.

Just follow the simple instructions provided below. And soon you’ll be giving friends and family members one-of-a-kind holiday collage card creations for the season!

What You Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glitter glue and regular craft glue
  • Colored pens and pencils
  • Colored ink pad
  • Star Wars rubber stamps
  • Old issues of Star Wars Insider magazine, comics and anything else you want to cut up.

How to Make Star Wars Holiday Collage Cards:

Step 1:
Cut out all the images you want to use on your collage cards. Feel free to print out images from, or cut images out from old magazines and comics. Cut out letters too so you can use them to as the text on the front of the card.

Step 2:
Fold a piece of colored construction paper in half to make a card. Before you glue down your images, place them where you want on your card. Experiment with the layout of different images and letters. Then glue the images to the card.

Step 3:
Decorate the card further with your own sketches of your favorite Star Wars characters from our Learn to Draw series.

Step 4:
Feel free to add glitter, stickers, puffy paint and other crafty elements to your cards! Don’t forget to write a personal message inside! Happy Holidays!

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