Star Wars Halloween Costumes 2011

Bonnie Burton | October 31, 2011

(Ewok girls photo by Rick Kolesar)

Halloween may be full of zombies, vampires, werewolves, ninjas, pirates and superheroes, but thanks to crafty Star Wars fans, younglings and adults alike trick or treat as Ewoks, droids, Jedi, Sith Lords and even as an AT-ST!

We asked ya to tweet your Halloween costumes on StarWars Twitter, here’s the best of the best!

(Find out how to make this costume here!)

(Pink Princess Vader photo by Jon Swope)

(Boba Fett photo by Alan Danielson)

(Jawa family photo by SJgeek)

(Pulp Fiction Troopers photo by Tom Pigott)

(Darth Maul photo by Eugenio)

(Droid Couple photo by Zane Crosby)

(AT-ST photo by Natalie Anne Capp)

(Jane Wiedlin as Zombie Princess Leia)

(Jawa photo by Marissa)

(Ewok photo by Lebo)

(Yoda photo by GeekSoap)

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Star Wars Halloween Costumes

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