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Pete Vilmur | October 25, 2011

2011 — Shawn Feeney (video here)

For one night every year, the creative minds of Industrial Light & Magic are loosed upon the world to determine which among them — artist, sculptor, rigger, or animator — can conjure up the coolest, cleverest, creepiest or kookiest Halloween costume.

The annual ILM Halloween Party has long been a tradition for the Bay Area special effects house, an event originally staged at Industrial Light & Magic’s San Rafael, California address. Though the venue has changed in recent years, the party goes on, and with it, a new festive invitation for company employees.

Until recently, ILMers and employees of the various Lucasfilm divisions received a physical invitation to the Halloween party, which often exhibited cool and quirky artwork designed and illustrated by the ILM Art Dept. In 2009, the invitations went digital, and for 2011, the very first video invitation has been created, courtesy of ILM’s Shawn Feeney (you can check out Feeney’s stop-motion pumpkin-carving prowess here).

Be sure to also check out the last fifteen or so year’s worth of ILM Halloween Party invites below (some have been slightly modified to hide venue info), and if 2005 turns up, we’ll update the post!

2010 – Designer: Shawn Feeney

2009 — Designer: Marci Velando


2008 – Illustrator/Designer: Harrison Parker


2006 — Designer: Nadine Takvorian



2004 – Illustrator: Jim Rice, Designer: Kelly Hawkins

2003 – Designer: Kelly Hawkins

2002 – Illustrator: Warren Fu, Designer: Kelly Hawkins

2001 – Illustrator: Warren Fu, Designer: Kelly Hawkins

2000 – Designer: Shawn Rosenberger

1999 – Designer: Mark Malabuyo

1998 – Illustrator: Benton Jew, Designer: Mark Malabuyo

1997a – Illustrator: Benton Jew, Designer: Mark Malabuyo

1997b – Illustrator: Scott Leberecht, Designer: Mark Malabuyo

1997c – Illustrator: Brian O’Connell, Designer: Mark Malabuyo

1996 – Illustrator: Derek Thompson, Designer: Kathryn Otoshi

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