Sculpt a Halloween Yoda Pumpkin

Bonnie Burton | October 24, 2011

Sculptor/illustrator Lawrence Noble gives step-by-step tips on how to make your very own festive Yoda creation just in time for Halloween. Ask your parents to help do the cutting and carving.

What You Need:

  • Pumpkin – 6 to 8″ in diameter
  • Couple of oranges
  • A gourd
  • Tea light candle or glow stick
  • Straight pins
  • Serrated knife
  • Pumpkin carving kit

Directions on Sculpting a Halloween Yoda Pumpkin:

Hold the gourd wedged against a towel so that it can’t move. Use the serrated knife to carefully cut the gourd in half lengthwise.

Position the various pieces on the cutting board. As you see, the gourd has been cut in half. Now on to the orange! Carefully cut through just the peel, going from top to bottom, to get the crescent shape shown. Some crescents are thinner than others. The top one, over the eye, is widest, with the bottom ones thinner. The nose is just a very wide crescent slice with two, almost complete circles cut into the bottom edge. That slice bends back into itself to form Yoda’s nose.

As you can see, the upper lip of the mouth slice has several arrow-shaped cuts made on the bottom edge and the bottom slice has just one cut. These cuts depict his wrinkles. As the orange peels get more and more dried out, they look even older. They won’t last forever, however, this is good…it is after all, a Yoda pumpkin!

Back to the gourd, simply cut about one inch of the end off of the gourd with a serrated knife.

The pumpkin has been cut open and the seeds have left the building. What a slimy mess that was, but no bother, on to the next stage.

Cut a 1″ diameter hole, above center for the nose. Be careful to make the cuts parallel, not at an angle. This will allow you to put the nose slice into it without it wanting to slip out! A straight pin, as seen in the photo, pushes into the bottom flap of the nose and into the top edge of the pumpkin wall, securing the nose in position.

For the eyes, cut a 1 1/2″ diameter hole, leaving a “pizza slice” on the upper right of each cut. This slice will aide in identifying it as an eye. As shown, the top eyelid wraps around and holds the bottom lids in position. Secure the ends of the top eye lids with straight pins. A pin or two should be added to the bottom eyelids to secure them as well.

After making a 2″ long by 1/2″ wide crescent shaped cut for the mouth (about 3/4″ below the nose, the bottom lip is applied and secured in a similar manner to the eyes, however, you will want to give the mouth some shape. Straight pins at the edges of the lips secure them in place. The bending and shaping of the mouth piece is illustrated above as well as the “pizza slice” in the eye as mentioned earlier.

This photo depicts the hole for the ears. Mark the hole, holding the gourd next to the wall, with a crayon. Cut the hole smaller cut than you need; you can always make it bigger later. After cutting the hole wipe away the mark with a paper towel. Again, try not to angle the cuts, this should be a friction fit. Cut a 1/2″ hole in the top lid of the pumpkin, right behind the stem, so it doesn’t show so you can properly ventilate a lit tea light candle.

Or use a glow stick or LED-powered light instead of a candle to be safer. Also, remember all those straight pins we added? Watch your hands when you reach inside because some might have gone through the wall…Ouch! Now your Yoda pumpkin is complete and ready for the mantle!

Here’s the completed Yoda Pumpkin! Scare and inspire your Trick-or-Treaters, he will.

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