Comic-Con 2011: Best Star Wars Costumes Team | July 27, 2011

Team Unicorn as the Nightsisters from The Clone Wars

Every year at San Diego Comic-Con International, it’s easy to spot a stormtrooper from The 501st Legion, a Jedi or Rebel pilot from The Rebel Legion, and the essential Slave Leia. But there are also those fans who go above and beyond to make some of the coolest, original costumes on their own — whether it’s a Death Star dress fit for the runway or a homemade Jawa costume or even an impressive group of Nightsisters.

Here’s some of our favorite Star Wars costumes spotted at this year’s Comic-Con.

Han and Leia make an Imperial friend.

The Rebel Legion guard The Rebel Base Experience at Comic-Con from pesky stormtroopers.

Don’t mess with Black Ops!

Star Wars vlogger Jennifer Landa shows off her Death Star dress.

Death Trooper hopes to find a snack amongst the crowd.

AJ shows off her Rebel Pilot dress made using a man’s Rebel Pilot costume as the material!

A Jawa searches for some broken down droids at Comic-Con.

Dark Horse Comics Editor Randy Stradley has an Imperial side!

Tusken Raider and stormtrooper are unusual Comic-Con pals.

This young RSO girl is ready for battle.

Look out Solo! It’s Green Lantern Fett!

Aayla Secura strikes a pose!

Ladies of Star Wars cosplay!

Indy Mickey Jones!

Padme is ready for a battle droid invasion at Comic-Con!

Cosplay queen Adrianne Curry as Leeloo from Fifth Element with Slave Leia.

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