May the Crayon Be With You!

Bonnie Burton | June 10, 2011

Artist and dad Steve Thompson spent hours carving the heads of his favorite Star Wars characters into his childrens’ crayons resulting in art that would impressive even the pickiest Jedi master!

Steve Thompson tells The Daily Mail:

“Growing up, Star Wars was one of my absolute favorite films so it made sense for me to try and create some of the more unique characters from that. With two kids of my own there is always a load of crayons lying around the house.”

“It was unbelievably difficult as it only takes slightly too much pressure to snap the end of the crayon and then it’s ruined. I’m a designer so while working on files on my computer that took a long time to save I would kill time by whittling away at the wax.”

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The empire strikes wax: Amateur sculptor carves tiny Star Wars characters into crayon tips (via The Daily Mail)

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