Meet Star Wars Vlogger Jennifer Landa Team | May 23, 2011

Star Wars fan and vlogger Jennifer Landa entertains the Youtube masses with her witty, adorkable videos showing off her collectibles, interviewing young geek girls, and more. chats with Jennifer Landa about why she loves to make videos about why she’s proud to be a Star Wars fan!

Why did you decide to vlog about Star Wars?

Star Wars has inspired me ever since I was a kid and first watched A New Hope. I always dreamed of living in a world where I could have a Wookiee as my best friend and a lightsaber on my belt. To this day, every time I hear the Star Wars main theme song, I get chills. The original trilogy has had the biggest impact on me but I love all the new things that are happening in the Expanded Universe!

I first realized that I wanted to start vlogging when I went to the Savage Opress screening in LA last year. I left the theater feeling ecstatic about the new storyline and I really wanted to share my experience with other fans that weren’t able to attend. Unfortunately, I forgot my video camera!

After that, I realized that maybe I should give vlogging a try since it’s logistically easier to shoot and can be done after an event has already happened. Once I decided to start vlogging, the only things I wanted to talk about were always related to Star Wars.

I have to say, it’s been incredibly fun to connect with other fans and share my Star Wars adventures with them! For years people used to laugh at my obsession with Tauntauns and the Battle of Hoth. Now at least people are laughing with me!

What has the reaction been like from fans?

The response from other Star Wars fans has been awesome! Everyone has been so supportive. Just knowing that other people enjoy watching my videos has definitely encouraged me to continue making more. And since I’m fairly new to the vlogosphere, anytime someone posts a comment, gives me a thumbs up, or subscribes, I do a little happy dance!

As a geek girl, why do you think it’s important to let other girls know it’s okay to proudly wave their geek flag?

Well another reason I was inspired to start vlogging was after I read about Katie the “Star Wars Girl.” I couldn’t believe that, in this day and age, a young girl was being told that Star Wars was a “boy thing.” I totally identified with Katie’s story because during my K-12 years, I wanted so badly to fit in and not be different.

The truth is, I was a scrawny Latin girl who liked Star Wars and played Nintendo all day…which made it nearly impossible to fit in with the popular crowd. Eventually, I got tired of trying to win other people’s approval and became proud of the qualities that classified me as being “different.”

Letting my geek flag fly, so to speak, completely freed me and made me a much happier and confident person. I guess that’s why I’m excited that geek girls are getting more recognition lately. I think having more examples of women being knowledgeable and excited about sci-fi, math, technology, comics, etc., will inspire so many young girls.

Heck, it inspires me! And who knows? Those examples might encourage a young girl to pursue a career in one of those fields. So ladies, wear your geek badge proudly! And speaking of badges…I’d love to see someone create a Geek Girl Scouts. If it ever happens, you can count on me to be a troop leader!

You recently vlogged about finding a stash of vintage Star Wars toys. What is it about finding old Star Wars toys that makes you giddy as a fan?

The main reason why I like vintage toys is because each piece has a story and a history behind it. I often wonder about whom the toy’s original owner was and how it ended up on an antique store shelf. Also, vintage Star Wars toys are rare and more of a challenge to find, so it’s really a thrill when I do come across one. I love seeing the little 1979 or 1980 LFL stamp on a toy!

There’s a comic book store in my area that has a case full of vintage Star Wars toys including a Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise action figure that I’ve been admiring. Whenever I go in there I just stare at the case longingly. I think the store employees are beginning to think I’m stalking their action figures!

There’s quite a few Star Wars fans who are vlogging on Youtube, but not a lot of girls. What would you say to encourage more geek girls to start vlogging?

If you’re a geek girl reading this, I’ll bet that your brain is full of unique and interesting ideas. All you have to do is set up your camera and start talking! If you’re passionate about crocheting Star Wars Amigurumi, do a vlog about it. If you’re geeking out about Tarkin appearing on The Clone Wars, do a vlog about it. People want to hear your geek girl perspective! And if you ever have second thoughts about pressing that “upload” button just remember, you never know whom you may inspire just by being your geeky self.

What made you decide to do the “Decide the Fate of my Jar Jar Action Figure” episode? What was the reaction from your viewers?

In “My Vintage Star Wars Haul” video, I revealed the deep, dark secret that I own a Jar Jar Binks action figure. After posting the video, someone left a comment challenging me to destroy my Jar Jar. Although I thought it was a hilarious idea, I was kind of torn because I actually think he’s a kind-hearted character.

Fans certainly have very strong opinions about Jar Jar which made me think….if people could determine Jar Jar’s fate, what would they decide? Surprisingly, the little Gungan has a lot more fans that I thought! I’m currently editing the follow-up video where I will reveal what has happened to Jar Jar. So stay tuned to see what happens!

What’s next for your vlog?

Next I’m going to get crafty and do a vlog about The Star Wars Craft Book. My craft scissors and I have been anxiously awaiting the book’s release! I’ve also been trying to learn how to speak Huttese so I’ll definitely do a vlog about that. Plus, this summer there are a lot of awesome events happening like the re-opening of Star Tours and San Diego Comic-Con! Basically, my plan is to just keep on vlogging!

Can I just say that I’m kind of geeking out right now that I’m being interviewed for the Official Star Wars Blog! On the outside, I’m really trying to play it cool and act like everything is normal. But on the inside? I’m crazily singing the “Yub Nub” song and doing my happy dance.

Watch Jennifer Landa videos here.

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