Boba Loves Bunnies? Team | May 2, 2011

Artist Kelly Kerrigan shows off a soft spot of Boba Fett that we don’t normally see. Makes you wonder if the Slave I has a rabbit hutch. chats with Kelly about her Star Wars bounty hunter bunny art.

Why did you decide to pair up bunnies with Star Wars characters?

This new series of artwork is how my creativity has responded to the death of my husband, Paul. He died on December 18, 2010 after finding out in August the he had a rare cancer. We both loved Star Wars and he had a particular connection to rabbits as they are portrayed in movies, books and gaming.

He would often dress as a Pooka for LARP events. I started painting about 2 weeks after he died and the ideas for new work keep coming. I have always been a painter, but I think this is the best work I have ever done. I am certain that He is the inspiration for all of this and the reason I feel so good about what I am painting.

What is it about bunnies that make even the most ruthless bounty hunter look like a softy?

I think therein lies the answer. The softening of the ruthless: The unlikely care and cuddling that a hardened clone warrior would have to undertake to handle a delicate bunny seems as it would be an act of extreme patience on his psyche. Perhaps his trainers are putting him through an exercise to engage those parts of his brain that define the opposite of his purpose.

Do you think bounty hunters make good rabbit owners?

I think we all have soft spots. The idea of Boba Fett having a pet rabbit kinda rocks. Could a bounty hunter do his best “work” while defending his rabbit? You better believe it!

Where can fans see more of your bunny art?

My blog is the best way for me to add new images for everyone to see. I also make Lamps out of Vintage women’s lingerie at

Additional comments?

For me, being without my best friend for the rest of my life makes me very angry, among other emotions. Some days I feel ruthless and wish for a menacing helmet to wear as I move through the masses. However, we have a 3 year old little boy named Milo, who is the spark of my life even more so now. He has lost his father and I want no other harm to come to him. As if he was a little bunny, I have to learn how to move through this new life with a sense of maternal nurturing as well as defense and protection.

It is a balance that I am totally capable of keeping. Perhaps, I am these clones and Milo is the rabbit. Or maybe Paul is the rabbit reborn and the Helmets they stand next to in the landscapes I create are the posthumous totems of who he was before he died. Or maybe they are just funny subjects that I make in order to induce laughter by an onlooker, as well as to cheer myself up on a daily basis.

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