Best of #SXStarWars Twitter Meme Team | March 15, 2011

If you were hanging out on Twitter for the last few days you might have noticed a merging of Austin’s most popular digital, film and music fest South By Southwest (SXSW) mixed with your favorite Star Wars characters thanks to the #SXStarwars hashtag meme.

Interactive storytelling consultant Jay Bushman has brought back the #SXStarwars social experiment, as he does every year during SXSW since his first attempt of the Twitter Trench Run was such a geektastic success!

This time fans tweeted about attending #SXStarwars as panelists, party-goers and more.

Below are some of our favorite tweets!

Just met a Pit Droid who CLAIMS to have worked for Anakin. Now he works at a BBQ. That’s right, he’s a BBQ Pit Droid. – @novysan

The Core Conversation “How to Motivate Droids, not Punish Them” was taken over by Jabba justifying his hot iron technique. – @tara

A lot of flirting going on in line for “Astromech Romance: How to Find the Droid You’re Looking For” panel. – @bonniegrrl

Trying out that Alderaanian flatbread deli — smells delicious, but there’s no way that roast gorak is still fresh. – @GMSarli

There’s that guy with the blue telephone booth again. He’s at the front of every line! HOW IS HE DOING THAT!? – @novysan

Passed a homeless Power Droid on 6th St., panhandling for electricity. Heartbreaking. – @jaybushman

Just walked by two battle droids making out. I can’t believe I missed the Droid Pride Parade! – @bonniegrrl

Note to all Con attenders who are in the food court: DON’T order the Tauntaun Tacos. – @LadyVader66

There’s a Bothan Spy advocacy group here pushing for workplace safety reforms. Mon Mothma will be happy. – @erier2003

Wow. There sure are a lot of hipsters at the Jawas’ Fixed Gear Bikes Demo. Just saw @hipsterstarwars rolling his eyes. – @bonniegrrl

Oddly colored foam on this latte. I thought it might be some rebel scum, but Ackbar yelled, “It’s a Frap!” so I drank it. – @novysan

Modal Nodes reunion concert is sold out. Guess I’ll check out Lobot’s DJ set instead. *sigh* – @starwars

Does anyone know how to get a Hutt out of an elevator? They need to know on three different floors, actually. – @jjmfaraway

At Dex’s Diner. Booth full of Ewoks are looking at me hungrily. That “Ewoks Eat People” is a rumor, right? – @bonniegrrl

Worst. Panel. Ever: “Mating Habits of the Rancor,” presented by Jawa Tteel Kkak. – @scott_walker

Everyone seems really excited to see a giant cloud of Mynocks come shooting out of a bridge or something tonight on Congress. – @novysan

Protocol #droid just stormed away when I asked the odds of the guest speaker being on time. – @DonBuley

First featured panel of the day: Multi-Species Interface Design, or How Can a Wookiee pilot that thing? – @sxstarwars

The Modal Nodes are playing at this party and everyone keeps asking for “The Cantina song.” They look annoyed. – @erier2003

Only 10 min til big Keynote by Admiral Ackbar: “It’s A Trap” is just another way of saying “It’s An Opportunity.” – @sxstarwars

This creep in black keeps trying to buy me a drink at the Fourdroids party, but he is a heavy breather and needs a breath mint. – @tara

Got stuck in elevator with Uncle Owen. Tried pitching me his Desert Farmville FB game again. Give it up, dude! – @jasonhall

Drama Droid Alert! Someone just mistook Gonk for a trash can at the Power Droid Tweetup. Awkward! – @bonniegrrl

5 credits for a tauntaun milk latte!?? Really??? They’re 3.5 credits outside the convention center. Galactic gouging! – @vpisteve

Anyone who can give me a lift to coruscant? My YT-1300 just broke down. – @Inspirementt

Max Rebo Band record release party tonight at Stubbs. Sy Snootles returning on vox. Should be good. – @bsharbaugh

Excited for keynote from TK-421 entitled “The Business Value of Staying at Your Post.” – @bsharbaugh

I hate it when a Hutt can’t keep his monkey lizard quiet throughout a conference. That crazy laughter is very distracting! – @PatrixCjous

Left the “I don’t like you. My friend doesn’t like you either” personal actualization workshop. They didn’t like me. – @Maestroboombatz

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