Western Action Figures Tip Their Hat to Star Wars

Pete Vilmur | January 18, 2011

Star Wars undoubtedly owes the Western gunslinger for helping to shape the characters that populate its universe (see Five Westerns Every Star Wars Fan Should See) — a debt that artist figure customizer Sillof has paid in spades.

A recent update to Sillof’s Workshop includes five entries to his “West Wars” series of custom figures, which marries the Star Wars universe with the design sensibilities of the Old West. From the site:

West Wars is a line of custom figures that continues my experiment of breaking down Star Wars many elements and emphasizing them individually. The original trilogy, especially A New Hope, were influenced by westerns. The dusty small frontier towns, the seedy cantina, the quick draw shootouts, etc. This line is intended to be fully western with no other elements. For further authenticity all the names are actual combinations of historical lawmen and outlaws of the American West.

Head on over and have a look-see (via Super Punch)

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