Librarian Takes A Closer Look at Jedi Archives Team | January 4, 2011

Cambridge University head librarian for the university’s Judge Business School Andy Priestner recently blogged about his perspective on Jocasta Nu and the Jedi Archives.

It’s entertaining and informative, to say the least, to read a real librarian’s take on what it would be like to run the Jedi Archives.

Priestner writes:

I was fascinated by its incredibly old-fashioned approach to the electronic library with shelves upon shelves of what appeared to be e-books and very few computer terminals.

Apparently they were known as the Stacks and they are ‘holobook’ shelves (thought so) each containing ‘trillions of datatapes and datacards, carefully sorted and arranged into categories and subcategories’. So yes, Jocasta Nu in her infinite Jedi wisdom bought trillions of ebooks and decided that the best thing to do is to file them away on physical shelves (presumably cases with datachips in them?). Which is precisely what I think some librarians would love to do now if they had the chance!

I’m assuming that the lack of terminals is is to do with the proliferation of hand-held Jedi devices, but Wookiepedia is silent on this, although we are told that the few computer terminals that are there are linked to the main index catalog. Which leads me on to muse that it would be a very brave LAS vendor who would take on the huge Jedi Archives! Apparently the Library catalogue is touchscreen, so I hope there are plenty of monitor-wiping droids about.

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