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Spoonful of Star Wars Art Show

Bonnie Burton | September 30, 2010

Artist Bwana Spoons has made one heck of a tribute with Spoonful of Star Wars – over 100 paintings of vintage Star Wars action figures!

So I got this awesome commission to do every standard figure and variations there of… of the classic Star Wars action figure line. These are part still life part/part something else.

The first sixty or so are from my personal collection, some of which have even survived with me since childhood. A pretty amazing feat considering what I put them through.

Check out some of these amazingly cool portraits of Star Wars action figures here: Classic SW Nerd. They will also be displayed in person Nov. 20 at DesignerCon.

Comic Artist Launches The Ben TempleSith Star Wars Project Team | September 29, 2010

Comic book artist Ben Templesmith — best known for his work on 30 Days of Night, Fell, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Singularity 7 and Welcome To Hoxford — is doing his own online tribute to Star Wars by drawing each and every character… just for fun.

The artist recently announced on Twitter that he plans to draw every Star Wars character as they appear in the original trilogy. The first two characters he’s already posted are none other than the dynamic droid duo of C-3PO and R2-D2.

The first in a series of quick character sketches of every single half decent Star Wars character that appears in the original trilogy… in the order they basically appear in the films.

Yes, I’m nuts, but always wanted to collect all the figures when I was a kid, and now I’ll just bloody draw them myself instead!

This isn’t the first time Templesmith has traveled to a galaxy far, far away. He also illustrated a rather creepy story “Dark Journey” in issue #17 of Star Wars Tales, published by Dark Horse Comics.

We can’t wait to see which Star Wars characters he draws next for The Ben TempleSith Project!

Be sure to follow Ben Templesmith’s blog, as well as on his Twitter.

Hello R2 Kitty?

Bonnie Burton | September 29, 2010

Even though this R2-D2 as Hello Kitty is just an illustration by the talented artist Joseph Senior, we can’t help wonder if this would be the image we see when looking up the word “adorkable” in the dictionary.

Senior has also given Hello Kitty makeovers to other Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, C-3PO and more!

Check out his full sets of images here:
My Hello Kitty Pop Culture series
Hello Robots collection

Peter Frampton’s Favorite R2-D2 Memory Team | September 23, 2010

Rock legend Peter Frampton recalls in the recent issue of Uncut music magazine a moment when R2-D2 became his guitar tech.

Latest issue of UNCUT:

Madison Square Garden – New York – 1977. R2-D2 bringing me my guitar for the encore. It was not sanctioned by Mr. Lucas… we got into trouble for that! But this guy who built it brought it to the show, and the crew had this great idea of sending it out with my guitar.

I didn’t know it was coming, as you can see by my bemused expression. They’d got all the R2-D2 noises working. But we got a call from the Lucas organization telling us to cease and desist.

Thanks for the tip, Dave Iskra.

R2-D2 With a Human Inside! Team | September 23, 2010

Check out this awesome R2-D2 that’s big enough for a full-size person to fit in! R2-D2′s body is made out of a plastic barrel equipped with sounds, internal fans, LEDs, motors and a rotating dome.

VIDEO: Larger than life motorized R2-D2

Boba Feta Quiche!

Bonnie Burton | September 21, 2010

Star Wars fan Alicia Policia is celebrating her 30th birthday alongside The Empire Strikes Back‘s 30th anniversary in geektastic food, drinks and party favors! We’ve already reported about her Wampa Cake and now here’s her awesome Boba Feta Quiche!

The green is the spinach of the quiche, the brownish purpley black the kalamata olive tapenade, the red is chopped red peppers and the white is grated cheese.

Read more about it here:
An Empire Strikes Back Birthday: Boba Feta Quiche

Star Destroyer Umbrella!? Team | September 21, 2010

It may not be real, but at least in your dreams it prevents the rain from making you wish you wore a stormtrooper helmet that day.


Mondo “Bounty Hunters – Wave 1″ Print Team | September 20, 2010

“Bounty Hunters – Wave 1″ by Ken Taylor

Collectors and fans who’d like to add something a little different to their Star Wars art collection should check out this new series of art prints from Mondo.

Mondo is the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique, featuring designs from world famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and movie properties including Star Wars, Star Trek and Universal Monsters.

These prints are very limited in run and are snatched up by collectors quickly, selling out in mere minutes. So if you want to know which prints are on sale and when, follow MondoNews on Twitter!

Here’s the most recent print “Bounty Hunters – Wave 1″ by artist Ken Taylor.

It’s a 12″x 36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 425. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Note: This set includes three separate posters of Bossk, IG-88 and Zuckuss that measure 12″x36″ each. When buying this set, you will receive all three posters and will also be given first chance at buying Wave 2 before it goes online to the public.

Read more about the Mondo Star Wars prints here:

Get more info about these prints from
Follow MondoNews on Twitter for updates!

Wampa Cake!

Bonnie Burton | September 15, 2010

Star Wars fan Alicia Policia is celebrating her 30th birthday alongside The Empire Strikes Back‘s 30th anniversary in geektastic style with this awesome Wampa Cake!

Alicia writes:

This week I’ll be posting pictures of my spectacular The Empire Strikes Back themed 30th birthday celebration for grown-ups and all of the homemade crafty, nerdy goodness that made it so. That’s right, Monday to Friday — all Empire – Mynocks to Fett comma Boba.

Made with my mom’s classic sour cream pound cake recipe shaped into an Alicia style Wampa, buttercream icing, and one very forgiving decorating style — I’m tempted to make only shaggy monster cakes from now on.

Read more about it here:
An Empire Strikes Back Birthday: Episode I — Wampa Cake

Kanye Wookiee?! Team | September 15, 2010

Recently, New York Magazine decided to illustrate what they thought the singer/rapper superstar Kanye West would tweet about next in an article called “Kanye West Tweets the Fall.”

There were quite a few amusing ideas, but we like the idea of Chanel making a Wookiee suit for Kanye best.

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