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Fans Donate Over $6K to Canine Corps

Pete Vilmur | November 9, 2010

On Saturday, October 16th, members of the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (PSWCS) presented a donation to the Canine Corps for $6762.00. PSWCS is an organization of over 390 Star Wars fans and collectors throughout Pennsylvania who gather to share their interest in Star Wars. PSWCS conducted a fundraiser to raise this donation, selling a limited-edition medallion featuring Chewbacca under the approval of Lucasfilm Ltd (see our earlier post here). Canine Corps provides a no-charge “home away from home” which includes free veterinary care for pet dogs of Pennsylvania-based military service members who have orders for deployment to the Horn of Africa, Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom. For more information, check out PSWCS and Canine Corps.

Dogs That Look Like Chewbacca Team | November 9, 2010

Everyone who’s ever owned a scruffy-looking shaggy brown dog has claimed one time or another that their lovable mutt looks like Chewbacca (or Wicket for the smaller lap dogs).

Here’s a collection of photos featuring 18 dogs that could double as everyone’s favorite co-pilot!

Check out more dog photos here:
18 Dogs That Look Like Chewbacca (via Buzzfeed)

Mythbusters Grant Imahara Talks C-3PO Suit Team | November 8, 2010

At this year’s w00tstock geektastic cabaret, MythBusters Grant Imahara did a presentation about this character appearances dressed as C-3PO for Lucasfilm as he was working full-time for THX and ILM.

Grant talks about what’s like dressing up as Golden Rod to shoot car commercials in Japan, meet Oprah, and to open an amusement park in Australia with Hugh Jackman. He also describes other highlights while dressed as C-3PO like meeting Carrie Fisher & Magic Johnson.

Part 1
Part 2

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Making of Empire Author Shares Film Favorites Team | November 3, 2010 just posted a cool list of film and director favorites by Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back author J.W. Rinzler. From Suvudu:

Since Mr. Rinzler has written numerous behind-the-scenes books about film Suvudu thought it would be interesting to find out what movies have inspired him throughout the years. Grab a snack and have your Netflix account ready, this post just might inspire you to watch a movie or two tonight.

Check out the full list of movies and directors, along with several film clips at

Fan-Made Sith ‘O Lanterns

Bonnie Burton | October 29, 2010

Boba Fett Carving by PumpkinGutter

Fans are a creative bunch especially when it comes to Halloween. This year fans tweeted quite a few well-made jack-o-lanterns! Here’s a few of our favorite!

If you’d like to try your fan at carving your own Star Wars tribute in pumpkin form, here’s some stencils we’ve made just for Halloween: Spooky Sith-O-LanternsStencils

Darth Maul pumpkin by @HoachX

Boba Fett pumpkin submitted by @ZWhite1914

Darth Vader pumpkin by @mattbellia

Stormtrooper pumpkin by @stevebayouk

Star Wars Horror Films Meme Team | October 29, 2010

Art by Katie Cook

What if Ewoks were infected with a zombie virus? What if Chewbacca was a werewolf? What if Yoda wanted to suck your blood? In the “spirit” of Halloween, here’s some of our favorite fan suggested titles for Star Wars horror films from the #StarWarsHorrorFilms hashtag meme on Twitter!


Yoda Charity Lapel Pin Team | October 28, 2010

Show your love for Yoda and help raise money for a good cause with this Yoda Charity Lapel Pin from benefiting Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

The pin features Yoda flying the Rady Children’s Hospital Kite. The pin artwork was designed by artist Grant Gould who recently designed the artwork for the Celebraton V Badges. This has been approved and authorized by Lucasfilm Licensing.

The pins are limited to 300 and each pin will be individually numbered on the back of the pin. The pin will also feature a cardback that was designed by artist Jamie Snell.

The cost of the Pin will be $10 plus $1.50 shipping per pin.

Get more information on how to order the pin here:
Yoda Charity Lapel Pin

Mondo Darth Vader Print Team | October 28, 2010

“Luke’s Destiny” by Frank Stockton

Collectors and fans who’d like to add something a little different to their Star Wars art collection should check out this new series of art prints from Mondo.

Mondo is the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique, featuring designs from world famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and movie properties including Star Wars, Star Trek and Universal Monsters.

These prints are VERY limited in run and are snatched up by collectors quickly, selling out in mere minutes. So if you want to know which prints are on sale and when, follow MondoNews on Twitter!

Here’s the most recent print “Luke’s Destiny” by artist Frank Stockton. It’s a hand-numbered, 24″ x 36″ screen print. Edition of 360. Printed by D&L Screen Printing.

Read more about the Mondo Star Wars prints here:

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Fan-Made Jabba Needlepoint Sampler

Bonnie Burton | October 25, 2010

What started out as a needlepoint sampler for the Serenity Prayer has turned into a very impressive tongue and cheek tribute to Star Wars.

We’ve captured the beauty and power of this prayer as never before – with, um, Slave Leia and Jabba the Hutt. Leia’s chain is actually a metallic embroidery thread, crocheted and woven into the design; and Jabba is complete with little tiny knotted warts.

Check it out here:
Slave to Serenity

Toy Break Reviews Rocket Firing Boba Fett! Team | October 21, 2010

If you want to learn more about urban vinyl and art toys as well as get fun reviews of some Star Wars collectibles thrown in for good measure, tune into Toy Break! This weekly internet show features reviews and news about designer vinyl, plush, action figures, collectibles, events, and more!

Hosts Ayleen and George Gaspar review the new Rocket Firing Boba Fett Star Wars mail away action figure from Hasbro (Kenner) in their Toy Briefs video series on Youtube.

WATCH VIDEO: Toy Brief 51 : Rocket Firing Boba Fett

See the regular 2010 Vintage Boba Fett with mail in details at

Toy Break reviews many kinds of art toys and urban vinyl along with other Star Wars toys including this awesome review of the Wampa Mimobot!

Watch more Toy Brief review videos on Youtube, as well as their full-length show on