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Star Wars X Japanese Robots Exhibition & Launch Party

Pete Vilmur | June 11, 2010


Super7 celebrates their first collaboration with Lucasfilm with a special release party for the STAR WARS: STORMTROOPER SUPER SHOGUN!

When: Saturday June 12th , doors open at 6:00 PM
Where: Super7 Store
1628 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Available at retail for the first time ever, the SUPER SHOGUN is a Limited Edition of only 1200 pieces, with many of that quantity already presold to consumers and overseas distributors. This is a one-time production with each STORMTROOPER hand numbered on the base of the foot with a unique serial number. Be sure to arrive early, as the first 100 people through the door will be given a unique Star Wars themed collectible, which will act as your raffle ticket. A random drawing later in the evening will award a prize package including one of the SUPER SHOGUN figures — a $299 value! Come on out to either buy one, or try your luck at winning one!


Obi-Wan Reference on Lie To Me Team | June 9, 2010

It’s clear that the Geekerati run Hollywood, and that’s a win-win situation for Star Wars fans. Directors, producers, screenwriters, show runners and actors alike are showing their love for sci-fi, especially Star Wars in the TV shows and movies they make.

So it’s become a regular thing to spot a Star Wars reference in some of our favorite TV shows.

This week, the season premiere of the TV drama Lie to Me on FOX starring Tim Roth as a human lie detector had a nice Obi-Wan reference from a student who wasn’t cool with being put on the spot.

Eli Loker: “That thing you did where you looked down and away; that’s regret.”
Andre: “Ease up on the Jedi mind tricks, okay Obi-Wan. You don’t know me.”

Lie to Me – “Beat the Devil”

Reference occurs 17:03 on the video.
(content may not be suitable for younger audiences)

Have you seen a recent Star Wars reference in one of your favorite shows? Let us know in the comments area below!

Bear Wielding a Lightsaber! Team | June 6, 2010

You don’t need to be human to have lightsaber skills! Check out this video of “Kung Fu Bear” from Japan to see for yourself!

WATCH VIDEO: Kung Fu Bear Finds a Lightsaber

Thanks for letting us know about this video, TipVFL!

The Ultimate R2-D2 College Prank Team | June 2, 2010

Now THAT’S the droid we’re looking for! Granted, it is hard to miss.

Carleton’s Goodsell Observatory gets turned into R2-D2 by an unknown group of enterprising students — complete with sound effects. All the “decorations” appear to have been draped or taped onto the dome; there was no defacing with spray paint, etc.

WATCH VIDEO: Goodsell R2-D2

WATCH VIDEO: R2-D2 at Carleton College (Dome moves)

More photos here:
Carleton College’s Photos – Goodsell R2-D2 Prank
(via Facebook)

Ben Balistreri’s Top 30 Star Wars characters Team | June 2, 2010

Ben Balistreri is a storyboard artist and character designer for Dreamworks, where he’s worked on How to Train Your Dragon. He’s also — like everyone — a Star Wars fan. So when he tuned his unique design sensibilities to represent his 30 favorite Star Wars characters, we had to take a look. Here are some of our favorites.




Check out his blog for the rest, including awesomely expandable images.

Star Wars Bag Puppets Craft at Maker Faire

Bonnie Burton | May 27, 2010

Every year we do a Star Wars craft demo at Bay Area Maker Faire to show fans of all ages how to make something fun and show off their love for Star Wars at the same time.

In the past, we’ve shown kids how to make Yoda dolls, Star Wars marble magnets, Ewok sock puppets and Yoda stick puppets.

This year since puppets were such a hit, we showed fans how to make Star Wars bag puppets of Admiral Ackbar, Yoda, Princess Leia and an Ewok.


R2-D2 Builders at Maker Faire Team | May 27, 2010

Every year robot builders, inventors, MythBusters and craftsters gather for a giant celebration of science geekery called Maker Faire.

And you can’t have a robot gathering without our friends the Bay Area R2 Builders Group showing up to inspire Star Wars fans of all ages to make their own astromech sidekick.

The astromechs were out in full force spinning, whirring and beeping at the crowd that constantly followed the R2 units or came to visit them in the robot area of the fair. Even amongst the other iconic robots from Lost in Space and The Forbidden Planet, and the impressive Tesla Coils, the R2 Builders were the real stars of the fair.

Every time we follow around R2 and his makers around Comic-Con, WonderCon, Celebration, and Maker Faire, we love to see kids pose with, hug, kiss, pet and even have full conversations with R2-D2. He might just be the most lovable robot in the galaxy.

Check out R2-D2 in action:

WATCH VIDEO: R2-D2 chats with a little boy

WATCH VIDEO: R2-D2 at Maker Faire 2010

PHOTOS: R2-D2 Builders at Bay Area Maker Faire.

Jedi Rachel Maddow? Team | May 27, 2010

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow of The Rachel Maddow Show answers viewer mail this week and showed off her Star Wars pride at the same time.

A viewer wrote in to ask if the highlighter pen on her desk was a prop. Rachel not only explained that the pens were real but that “If you put two highlighters together, it makes a lightsaber!”

WATCH VIDEO: Rachel Maddow’s Lightsaber

R2-D2 Beeps The Best Dance Beats Team | May 21, 2010

Robots are built to beep, but who knew they could be remixed into one heck of a dance song? Thanks to the mixing Jedi known as Eclectic Method, we’ll never look at R2-D2 again without wishing he’d DJ our next party.

WATCH VIDEO: Eclectic Method – “Robots”

SOURCE: Gizmodo

The Empire Strikes Back ’50s Premake!

Bonnie Burton | May 19, 2010

We all know that filmmaker George Lucas was influenced by the old sci-fi serials of his childhood when he made the Star Wars films. But now you can see how much those shows really did make their mark with this fan-made tribute to The Empire Strikes Back using old film footage. Bravo!

Let’s turn back the clock, shall we? Back to a distant time in an alternate universe far, far away… The 50s! It was a simpler age of 3-D movies, and robots named Robby, Gort, and Tobor. A hidden gem of this period in cinema is a little film called The Empire Strikes Back, the second chapter in a planned three-part epic science fiction trilogy.

While the preceding and succeeding episodes were never actually produced due to budgetary constraints, Empire shines as an example of 1950s 3-D space opera. The re-release of this trailer coincides with the 60th anniversary of this amazing film.

VIDEO: “Premakes” The Empire Strikes Back (1950)

VIDEO: Frame By Frame Breakdown