Clone Wars Screening Recap: San Francisco Team | December 15, 2010

A clone trooper checks in at Lucasfilm HQ.

Last week fans flocked to digital theaters for a very exclusive screening on the big screen of an all-new Clone Wars villain –- the monstrous Savage Opress!

The Clone Wars screenings began in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre with the voice actors, director Dave Filoni and writer Katie Lucas in attendance, along with celeb Clone Wars fans.

Screenings continued in Seattle, NYC, Philly, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, among others.

Cast, crew and fans alike came out in full Force at Lucasfilm’s Presidio headquarters in the San Francisco to watch this epic screening of The Clone Wars introducing Savage Opress. was there to report and live tweet the event. Check out the article below for quotes from Clone Wars actor Daniel Logan, CG/FX/Lighting Supervisor Joel Aron, and more!

Joel Aron has some fun with the 501st.

Why is this story arc amazing to see on a big screen?

Joel Aron: We work on it cinematically. When you’re watching it on television you’re actually seeing just a crop of what we’re doing. Every little inch of the screen we think about — the lighting, the composition, the balance, the shapes, etc. To see it on a big screen you actually feel the cinematic pulse of the show. It’s very different when you watch it at home.

Supervising Director Dave Filoni, voice actor/sound editor Matthew Wood, and CG/FX/Lighting Supervisor Joel Aron.

Why do you think fans will get a kick out of this story arc in particular?

Joel Aron: We’re introducing a character that hasn’t been seen on the show before, and it’s a direct tie to the feature films. When that happens people automatically start to associate. There’s something connecting us to Star Wars here. And you’re seeing a long thread. In the past on the show, we’ve had just little segments, but now we’re getting an entire story arc. We have three episodes that are so seamless, you don’t even realize they’re separate episodes.

Why is it important for you to watch something like this with the fans?

Joel Aron: You get to hear what they really like, and what they react to. What Dave [Filoni] and I both do is we listen to what everybody tells us and we put it back into the show. Everything that happened at Celebration V — all the conversations — the fans really drive us to do more.

Clone Wars actor & voice of young Boba Fett — Daniel Logan.

As young Boba Fett in both in the Star Wars prequels and now in The Clone Wars, how exciting is it to be around fans when they watch the show in a theater like this?

Daniel Logan: I a big Clone Wars fan myself. Every week I can’t wait to tune in and see what happens next. For me, I just love to see Clone Wars take us somewhere new in the Star Wars galaxy that we haven’t been to before.

The Maker poses with fans inside Lucasfilm at the San Francisco screening.

Vlogger Jedi Mike & friend in line at the screening.

Young fans spend time catching up on Clone Wars comics.

Mood lighting via lightsaber!

Clone trooper recruits young fans in line.

Supervising Director Dave Filoni chats with President of Lucasfilm Licensing Howard Roffman.

Former Star Wars Costume Archivist Gillian Libbert & Director of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet.

Troopers keep order as the fans file into the theater.

Fans get ready to watch The Clone Wars in the Lucasfilm theater.

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