“May The Force Be With Katie” Day

StarWars.com Team | December 10, 2010

Katie “Star Wars” Girl shows off her Jedi skills.

When we reported about a little girl named Katie being bullied at school liking Star Wars, we knew that our fans would rally to her cause.

Not only did Katie get hundreds of positive comments on her mom’s blog entry about the incident, we got over 500 comments (and they’re still coming) from fans on our own blog entry about why Star Wars is for everyone, not just the fellas.

We asked fans to show support of Katie liking Star Wars with the hashtag #MayTheForceBeWithKatie on Twitter, and thousands of both male and female fans did just that. #MayTheForceBeWithKatie went viral, showing that sometimes the best part of social networking sites is the positive outcome that develops from millions of fans showing a little girl why it’s cool for her to dig Jedi, stormtroopers, droids and everything else awesome from a galaxy far, far away.

Katie w/ Yoda voice actor Tom Kane and a few Star Wars friends.

The fans took it a step further and decided to turn Dec. 10, 2010 into “Support Star Wars and Geek Pride for Katie Day” on Facebook. On this day, fans (both guys and girls) vowed to wear a Star Wars shirt in support of Katie and other little girls who love Star Wars. In addition to the T-shirt support, Katie’s mom also asked that, in light of the season, those with the means donate a Star Wars toy to needy children.

Recently, Katie’s mom talked with The Huffington Post’s Jenna Busch in “May the Force Be With Katie” about the outpouring of positive support from fans, and updated her own column as well with this update — Adopted by the Geeks and Nerds.”

I had no idea about the phenomenon of girl geeks until this happened… when the post started to move around and I started to seeing the comments coming in, I noticed a common theme on the initial wave, which was “Hi Katie. I’m a girl and I love Star Wars and science.” And I saw it over and over. And I was astonished by how many females were out there who were not only supportive of Katie, but plugged into each other. Once one of them heard of what happened to Katie, it seemed like all of them heard! I was thinking to myself, these girls must have some kind of amazing support system going for each other.

This has been one of the first times I have seen something go viral when it’s not about gossip, it’s not about porn, it’s not about somebody having fallen off the wagon for something, it’s not about some catastrophe somewhere. And just to see a story go viral that’s so ordinary… it’s everybody’s story. Everybody, everyone was once a little kid who felt different at some point. It’s funny that it’s become such a sensation, because it’s every story every day about million kids around the country. But at the same time, maybe that’s why it’s such a big deal. It’s so easily identifiable.

Below is a selection of some of our fave photos of fans who tweeted photos of themselves wearing Star Wars shirts in honor of Katie.

Absolutspacegrl from NASA dons a Skywalker Ranch shirt.

Fans do a t-shirt tweet-up in honor of Katie!

Crafty fan Amanda Jean Camarillo shows off her Star Wars t-shirt dress in honor of Katie!

StarWars.com Senior Editor Bonnie Burton at work in a Her Universe shirt!

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