Clone Wars Screening Recap: Seattle, NYC, Philly, Dallas & Chicago Team | December 9, 2010

Young fan at Chicago screening.

This week fans flocked to digital theaters for a very exclusive screening on the big screen of an all-new Clone Wars villain –- the monstrous Savage Opress!

The Clone Wars screenings began in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre with the voice actors, director Dave Filoni and writer Katie Lucas in attendance, along with celeb Clone Wars fans.

Screenings continued this week in Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Francisco, among others.

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite fan-submitted photos from the Seattle, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia and Chicago screenings!

If you have photos and blog reviews of your own, please feel free to link to them in our comments section!

Savage Opress posters at the NYC screening.

Katie Star Wars Girl with Yoda voice actor Tom Kane & more new friends at Chicago screening!

Woodsy from MTV Geek at the New York screening!

Fans gather in “Force” in Seattle

Fan Aaron Goins poses with the troopers at the Philly screening.

A young Jedi meets R2-D2 at the Philly screening.

Toys donated at the Seattle Clone Wars screening.

Fan Justin LaSalata holds the Savage Opress VIP pass at the NYC screening.

Fans in Dallas pose with the Savage Opress poster!

Fans pose with their Savage Opress shirts at the Seattle screening!

Droid picks up a Savage Opress poster at the Dallas screening.

Father and son have fun at the Seattle screening!


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