Clone Wars Screening Recap: Los Angeles Team | December 9, 2010

Clone Wars actors: Cat Taber, Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor

Back in November Lucasfilm Ltd. and Cartoon Network invited fans to sign up for a special, limited theatrical screening in selected areas of a big screen sneak peek at an all-new Clone Wars villain – the monstrous Savage Opress! This week The Clone Wars screenings began in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre.

Cast and crew alike came out in full Force to entertain and meet the fans, which also included a few celebrities in the mix. The 501st, Rebel Legion and R2 builders attended as well, giving fans a chance to have their photos taken with clone troopers, Jedi and droids. was there to report and live tweet the event. Check out the article below for quotes from Supervising Director Dave Filoni, voice actors Cat Taber, Ashley Eckstein, Nika Futterman and Clancy Brown, as well as Clone Wars writer Katie Lucas.

Aurra Sing voice actor Jaime King & Director Dave Filoni

Why do you think theatrical screenings of The Clone Wars for fans are important?

Dave Filoni: It’s just fun. Part of being a fan is seeing stuff like this together. Star Wars has always been on a big screen. I think that George wanting to put this on a big screen for fans to see is really great. It shows how much he actually cares about the fans. And it’s another great opportunity for fans to get together to watch it.

Supervising Director of The Clone Wars Dave Filoni with a young Jedi

What are you most excited about this story arc for fans to see?

Dave Filoni: I’m excited for them to see this. I know this is what they want. It’s action and adventure and dark. I have a lot of friends that I worked with in the animation industry in Los Angeles and they’re all here to see it, and that makes it extra-special for me. I’m also excited for Katie [Lucas] to be here and see the fan reaction probably for the first time ever for something she’s created. So there’s a lot of positive things about this screening.

Clone Warsactress & voice of Padme, Cat Taber, wears Amidala’s necklace!

What’s this experience been like to see The Clone Wars on a big screen with the fans in the audience?

Cat Taber: It’s very exciting. I always watch the show at home every Friday night, but to be able to see it in a theater and the animation on a big screen is amazing. The show is so epic it’s meant to be seen on a big screen. Plus there’s nothing like seeing the fans’ reactions to what’s happening to the characters. So I hope we keep doing more of these. And tonight we did this for charity so it’s great to see fans bring in all these toys. Hopefully, we’ll be making a lot of kids very happy.

There’s a lot of little girls who look up to you and your character. How great is it to see so many young girls here dressed up with lightsabers, having fun?

Cat Taber: Nothing makes Ashley [Eckstein] and I happier than seeing little girl fans.

Young padawans practice their lightsaber skills.

Clone Wars actor Meredith Salenger & R2-D2

Clone Wars actor Ashley Eckstein & writer Henry Gilroy

Clone Wars actors Ian Abercrombie, Cat Taber & Matt Lanter

Ashley Eckstein modeling a new shirt from her clothing line Her Universe.

Why are you excited about this episode story arc?

Ashley Eckstein: We’ve really upped our game and raised the bar. It’ll take Season 3 to a whole new level.

As Ahsoka, you represent the good guys, but Clone Wars also has some complex, strong, dark female characters too. Why do you think it’s great that the female gender is shown in interesting ways on both side of the Force?

Ashley Eckstein: I’m excited, whether it’s good or bad, to see such strong female characters up on the screen. Futterman was also voicing Asajj and all the Night Sisters, which is voice acting at its best. And having Katie Lucas be the writer behind it is so great. It’s such an amazing story. She has set such a high standard for the writing of The Clone Wars.

As the head of Her Universe clothing line, what did you think of the Night Sisters wardrobe in this story arc?

Ashley Eckstein: No joke. I was looking at Ventress’s outfit and picking it apart thinking of all the things I wanted to make in real life. Fashion-wise those outfits are outstanding! I want them!

Clone Wars writer Katie Lucas

How awesome was it seeing your name on a big screen?

Katie Lucas: Well it was really large, tall, epic and terrifying.

Nika Futterman (voice of Asajj) & Cat Taber (voice of Padme)

Are you excited that fans get to see another side of the character you voice so well — Asajj Ventress?

Nika Futterman: You get find out what she’s really about. Now we can go to many places with her. It’s what’s so great about this show — there’s so many levels to all of the characters.

Actor Clancy Brown – voice of Savage Opress – signs a poster.

How does it feel to be the new bad-ass villain in The Clone Wars?

Clancy Brown: It was badder ass than I had anticipated.

Are you psyched to start seeing kids and adult fans start dressing up as Savage Opress?

Clancy Brown: Totally! Comic-Con and Halloween, I can’t wait!

A crafty fan crochets an R2-D2 beanie while waiting for the screening to begin.

Fanboys director Kyle Newman tweets while actress Jaime King photobombs the photo!

The troops entertain fans waiting in line outside the theater.

Young fans showed up in costume to pose alongside the 501st.

Clone Wars actor Dee Bradley Baker and his daughter.


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