Real Technologies Inspired by Star Wars Team | November 24, 2010

We might not all have jetpacks or lightsabers yet, but Star Wars has in fact influenced technology that benefit us all whether it’s entertaining us in our home or turning us into functional cyborgs. Yay! reports:

In 1977, the idea of chopping down the bad guys with a beam of light, or playing a game with 3D aliens, or even sending a holographic e-mail to a mysterious recluse on Tatooine seemed like futuristic concepts. Yet, these concepts are now becoming a reality -– real products that serve a useful purpose, research projects meant to show how the tech works, and games that fulfill the Star Wars dream.

One of the most interesting of the technologies includes the advances in body prosthetics.

Touch Bionics has developed the i-LIMB Pulse bionic hand, which reads myoelectric signals (tiny electric pulses in your arm) and sends them to a mechanical hand. The latest version, released this summer, even works with your computer and Bluetooth wireless signals, so you can tweak the algorithms for sensitivity and control five fingers independently for grabbing objects.

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