“Super Sabacc Challenge” Art by Nathan Hamill

StarWars.com Team | November 18, 2010

Art by Nathan Hamill

Artist Nathan Hamill recently blogged about a cool piece of custom Star Wars game-themed art he made for So Analog’s “10-DOH!” Show. StarWars.com chats with Nathan about his art piece and how it came about.

What is the So Analog’s “10-DOH!” Show all about?

So Analog is a series of resin figures made by Squid Kids Inc. that focus on “old tech items that everyone used to use,” such as video game cartridges, floppy discs and cassettes tapes. They asked several artists to customize these blank resins however we saw fit to be included in a show at Designer Con 2010 in Pasadena. Based on the pieces I’ve seen, I’m really looking forward to it.

What’s the backstory on your Super Sabacc Challenge art piece?

I love Nintendo. I’ve been a fan since I was five or six. The NES was a huge part of growing up for most people my age. We ate, slept and breathed these games. They permeated our psyches. I saw Tetris pieces falling from the sky and tried to arrange them correctly on the side of the school bus and school buildings. Star Wars was another childhood love so it seemed a good fit. Two great tastes…

What is it about “old school” gaming that makes it so cool?

There’s a certain charm in their design. The developers and composers had work with limitations in technology that made them extremely inventive. I enjoy modern games as well but 8-bit and 16-bit games have a purity and beautiful simplicity that I miss. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past and Super Metroid battle over the title of greatest video game of all time in a no holds barred arena in my mind. But there will never be a winner. The fight is eternal.

Be sure and check out Nathan’s official site at NathanHamill.com.

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