Star Wars Horror Films Meme Team | October 29, 2010

Art by Katie Cook

What if Ewoks were infected with a zombie virus? What if Chewbacca was a werewolf? What if Yoda wanted to suck your blood? In the “spirit” of Halloween, here’s some of our favorite fan suggested titles for Star Wars horror films from the #StarWarsHorrorFilms hashtag meme on Twitter!

I Sith on Your Grave – via @starwars

Rosemary’s Boba – via @CleverUserName

Nosferatu-D2 – via @cornmancometh @Carlo_ThChThr

The Ackbarcist – via @MattHanley

Fett Cemetery – via @barnsleygreen

The Hutts Have Eyes – via @DeathStarPR

The Wicket Man – via @minimatefactory @sithwitch

The Cabinet of Mon Calamari – via @MattHanley

Buffy the Vampire Leia – via @darth_elvis

Don’t Be Afraid of The Gundark – via @TheonetrueCams

Ewoks of the Corn – via @QuinnAndTonic

The Sandpeople Beneath the Stairs – via @elmalo68

Han of the Dead – via @calebdrahosh

Sithspiria – via @AgentOrange01

Something Wicket This Way Comes – via @jmm3rd

The Sith Sense – via @ceralor

28 Weequays Later – via @Vespero_

Day of the Ewoks – via @joelb

Darth Becomes Her – via @mrmatt123

28 Days Vader – via @jacobledsoe

The Texas Lightsaber Massacre – via @minimatefactory

I Know What Yoda Did Last Summer – via @MB1122

Hothstel – via @saperle

Clone Army of Darkness – via @MotherDuderior @Art1991

Lando the Dead – via @aldoreyhann

Sarlaac Pit and the Pendulum – via @TheonetrueCams

The Invisible Mandalorian – via @MB1122

Phantasm Menace – via @End3rWiggin

The Tusken Chainsaw Massacre – via @kstaples

The Last Hutt on the Left – via @Carlo_ThChThr

The Han That Rocks The Cradle – via @Dustin_Scott

Nosferatu-D2 – via @cornmancometh @Carlo_ThChThr

Saw-3PO – via @cornmancometh @bonniegrrl

Silence of the Landos – via @DeathStarPR

The Dewback of Notre Dame – via @jrsydevils

The Hills Have Gungans – via @juniorlax16

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