Simon Pegg Talks Star Wars & His New Book! Team | October 19, 2010

Actor, comedian and Star Wars fan Simon Pegg, best known for his Brit slacker role in Spaced as well as a reluctant zombie killer in Shaun of the Dead and a younger Scotty in the Star Trek reboot, recently published his autobiography Nerd Do Well.

In his book, Pegg talks about his childhood, teenage years, family life, the happenstance meeting of his wife and his friendships with actor Nick Frost, director Edgar Wright and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin. Anyone who reads interviews with Pegg, follows him on Twitter and reads his blog knows how much Star Wars inspires/angers/entertains him on a regular basis. So it’s no shocker that his autobiography is scattered with Star Wars memories.

Tom Lamont from The Guardian interviews Pegg about his new book:

Star Wars has been the most consistent supplement and tonic, Pegg an impressionable eight-year-old when George Lucas’ epic arrived in his local cinema in 1977. “I was the exact demographic for that film,” he says. “I was a **** 1m-high target, and it got me right through the eyes. I can mark out my life from that point in terms of my relationship with that film.”

No exaggeration. A game of Jedi re-enactment in Gloucester’s woodlands helped a youthful Pegg and his peers get over the death of a friend in a car accident. A socio-historical interpretation of the film with Ewoks as Vietnamese militia was his thesis subject as a film student at Bristol University. On one occasion, in hospital after an operation, Pegg awoke from his anaesthetically induced coma an hour too early, confounding doctors until it was realized he must have overheard a fellow patient on the ward watching Star Wars on VHS, jealously aroused by the sound of R2-D2′s clicks and beeps.

Read the full article here:
Simon Pegg: “I measure my life in terms of my relationship with Star Wars

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