Jabba and Leia Bots?

Bonnie Burton | October 19, 2010

Jenny and Tony Bot transform polymer clay, glass beads and wire to make crafty tributes to cinematic icons including Star Wars characters Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt.

In our final semester in college, Jennifer and I had the opportunity to create an entire class around our robots. The class known as “A Robot’s Life for Me”, was part of our Cinema Studies minor and cumulated in a book that portrayed some of cinemas finest moments in a more metallic form. Needless to say, the class was a blast and allowed us to explore our robots in a way that we never thought possible. Overall, it was hard work resulting in 60 plus robots, lots of mini props, many many photographs, and lots of patience.

We knew that it would have been ludicrous for us to bypass recreating a Star Wars film for a book based on American cinema. And while we didn’t initially know what scene we wanted to replicate what we did know is we wanted it to be as big of a challenge and as absurd as possible. Therefore, what better scene to tackle then the one you see above. In the end, we were very pleased by the results and it still makes us laugh every time we look at the photo. I mean it isn’t everyday that you get to make a robot into a virtual massive blob and then create a bot that is undeniably one of the nerdiest sex symbols known to man.

Check out all the photos here:

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