Best of Hipster Star Wars Twitter Meme Team | October 4, 2010

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This weekend Star Wars fan @davidhoang started the #HipsterStarWars hashtag on Twitter for the fun of it. Soon celebs and fans alike were getting in on the fun.

Here’s a list of some of our faves!

“I liked Admiral Ackbar before he knew there was a trap.” – @davidhoang

“Meh the Force Be With You… Or whatever.” – @bonniegrrl

“I’m into an obscure form of the Force. You’ve probably never heard of it.” – @dresdenblack

“You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, and the fixed-gear.” – @markhoppus

“Mos Eisley Records. You will never find a more incredible hive of rare and used vinyl.” – @rob_sheridan

“Yeah, i used to go to Toshi Station for power converters, now everyone goes there for power converters.” – @israelxsoriano

“I can’t sleep in this Tauntaun. I’m a strict vegan.” – @hipsterstarwars

“I find your lack of faith totes disturbing.” – @Colin_Hanks

“I liked sarlaccs when they were underground.” – @chrispeligro

“Alderaan? Please. I wouldn’t be caught dead there.” – @mdsteele47

Leia: “I love your scarf.” Han: “I know.” – @TheSlush

“I’d just as soon kiss a Wilco.” – @bonniegrrl

“The Jawas obviously got their hoodies at Alderaan Apparel.” – @aboynamedart

“Join me & together I guess we can rule the Galaxy and stuff… or whatever.” – Vader – @DeathStarPR

“The Mos Eisley Cantina Band sounds better on vinyl.” – @TheSlush

“Beru helped me set up a moisture vaporator on H street in DC.” – @josephjohnston

“Can’t believe princess leia wore white after Labor Day.” – @geekgirls

“I’d participate in #hipsterstarwars, but everyone is doing it now.” – @LordPalpatine

“I only listen to white-label witch-house/grime remixes of the Max Rebo Band.” – @SFXmagazine

“Who puts a glove on a robot hand? Honestly?” – @theatomicgeeks

“I only drink blue soy milk.” – @MontyPrime

“Can I get that speederbike as a fixie?” – @asuter

“Do or do not. Who cares?” – @ellingson

“I joined the Rebel Alliance ironically.” – @erier2003

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