Mondo “Salacious Crumb” Print Team | September 30, 2010

“Salacious Crumb” by Rhys Cooper

Collectors and fans who’d like to add something a little different to their Star Wars art collection should check out this new series of art prints from Mondo.

Mondo is the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique, featuring designs from world famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and movie properties including Star Wars, Star Trek and Universal Monsters.

These prints arevVERY limited in run and are snatched up by collectors quickly, selling out in mere minutes. So if you want to know which prints are on sale and when, follow MondoNews on Twitter! Of course, this print (like the others before it) already sold out.

Here’s the most recent print “Salacious Crumb” by artist Rhys Cooper.

Cooper says about the print:

“I always thought Salacious Crumb is the kind of character that makes Star Wars great. Little personalities like his are what give the galaxy far far away its depth and diversity.”

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