Recap: Clone Wars Zeum Event Team | September 14, 2010

Photos: Courtesy of Neil Baker & Zeum

Our friend of Star Wars Blog and fellow geek crafter Neil Baker headed to the The Clone Wars Weekend at Zeum this weekend in San Francisco.

Here’s his awesome report!

On the weekend of September 11 and 12, kids of all ages were able to immerse themselves in the world of Star Wars animation like never before at The Clone Wars Weekend which took place at Zeum, a branch of San Francisco’s Children’s Museum, which specializes in introducing children to the wonders of animation through multi-media arts and technology. It was the perfect breeding ground for the Star Wars animators of the future!

Once inside the building, which was festooned with our favorite Clone Wars characters, visitors were greeted by the fine folks of the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion.

On Saturday we were entertained by the Duchess Satine and Queen Amidala, a pair of lightsaber-wielding Anakins, and a funky biker scout who backed up the brave souls who took on the karaoke challenge.

There were many activities ranging from simple crafts to a chance to make your own stop-motion film using toys. The older children were able to get their hands dirty with clay as they made Jedi and Sith.

Many took the opportunity to write their own scripts and direct their own Star Wars short against a green screen. With all the costumes on hand, it was hard to resist dressing up and jumping into the scenes!

Older kids were also mixing their own soundtracks, creating digital artwork and creating hinged shadow puppets of General Grievous.

For the younger visitors there was a chance to hone their Jedi skills during a lightsaber training session with Obi-Wan and a myriad of arts and crafts including sticky Artoos, medallion making, finger-puppet crafting and fun on a green-screen slide!

Harrison Baker (2) and Oliver Schulte (4) had a blast at the event, which culminated in a puppet show with their new finger-puppets where the shocked audience discovered that Yoda was Luke grandfather! It all makes sense now…

Find out more about Zeum Museum in San Francisco.


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