Gamorrean Guard Qee by Jon-Paul Kaiser Team | September 14, 2010

TOYSREVIL reports:

Now black and white master, Jon-Paul Kaiser brings the legendary warrior to life in Qee form with his newest custom. Using the 2.5″ DIY Pigee Qee figure, Jon-Paul has once again captured the full essence of this brute.

The Gamorrean Guard Qee is an original piece — but fans can rejoice that Toy2R is releasing different works by JPK. From Series 6, the Great Khan 2.5″ Kaiju Toyer Qee and dropping later this month, the new 5″ Mini Qee Samurai Pumpkin. Future releases coming out before the holidays include JPK’s 8″ Artist Qee – the Zombie Pirate and just recently announced – a new 2.5″ Qee in next year’s Designer Collection Series Seven: PURE.

Now added to the online Qee Gallery – this piece now joins over 1,100 original customized Qees from talented artists from across the globe. Toy2R welcomes all artists to submit their customs to for inclusion to the gallery.


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