Whimsical Star Wars Art by Chris Bishop

StarWars.com Team | September 7, 2010

Artist and illustrator Chris Bishop has a knack for drawing pretty girls with robots, but it’s his whimsical Star Wars art that caught our eye recently.

StarWars.com chats with the artist about his latest illustrations of bounty hunters, Jedi and droids that make us smile.

What’s the story behind the Han Solo illustration?

My childhood friends and I all grew up to be artists. We started drawing Star Wars characters in our own styles for fun as a little diversion from work. I went with a shaggy, tattooed Han Solo holding the head of IG-88, my favorite robot bounty hunter. It never happened in the movie, but I imagine it might have sooner or later.

What are all of Han’s tattoos?

He has a bunch of tattoos but the most important ones are a heart with an “L” on it for Leia, an “MF” for the old Millennium Falcon, and two little crossed out Death Stars. I love putting tattoos on my drawings because it’s a fun way to add little symbols and details to a character.

How did “The Jedi Comeback” art piece come about? I love that R2-D2 stays the same!

It was a submission for a contest with the theme “comeback.” Rather than go for obvious comebacks, I ended up trying to find a great comeback story in the Star Wars movies. I realized that Luke, Han and everyone have the ultimate comeback story from the end of The Empire Strikes Back to Return of the Jedi. I almost included Lando in the illustration but left him out since he pretty much sparks the whole downfall.

What was your favorite part of “The Jedi Comeback” piece?

I really like Chewbacca’s little smile. Drawing Anakin Skywalker’s wrinkly, exposed head was fun, too.

What has the reaction been like from Star Wars fans who are just discovering your awesome work?

My illustrations have been featured on some of my favorite websites lately and that’s a great feeling. I think Star Wars fans can tell these were drawn by a fellow fan. Once you put your work out there, you have no idea how people will react. It’s been exciting.

I was one year old when Star Wars came out. I grew up with these movies. The character designs and overall style of the Star Wars galaxy is timeless. That’s why I can put my own modern spin on it but everyone will still recognize it.

See more of Chris Bishop’s artwork on his site here.

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