Let’s Hear It For This Cool Star Wars Ear Tattoo

StarWars.com Team | September 7, 2010

Tattoo artist and Star Wars fan Jacob Walsh has the kind of tattoo that makes listening to John Williams’ soundtrack even more special. StarWars.com chats with him about his unusual tattoo.

Why did you decide to get a Star Wars tattoo… on your ear?

I am a tattoo artist and was sitting at work on May 4th thinking, “I have to get a Star Wars tattoo today.” It was originally gonna be some sort of design on the inside of my lip but I couldn’t decide on something that would work. After the idea of getting the Death Star popped up I decided to go with the ear just because it fit better.

How did you decide on the design?

It needed to be something that didn’t need a lot of detail to be recognizable. The original idea was a lightsaber inside my lip. When I thought that wouldn’t work I just started doodling and came up with a Death Star. It’s a very simple image and everyone knows what the Death Star is. When I decided on the Death Star my artist suggested that it would fit better on the ear. We just went with it and thought it would look cool with a TIE fighter thrown in.

Who is the artist who tattooed you?

The artist that did my ear tattoo is Ben Stubbs and we both work at Ink Addiction in Valdosta, GA.

How long did it take? Was it super loud?

It took probably around 20 minutes to about half an hour. It was crazy loud. The sound was the worst part of the whole thing.

What’s been the reaction by people who see it?

Everyone loves it. People just laugh when they see it. You don’t see tattoos like that often and I think people appreciate the awesomeness and originality of it.

Do you have other Star Wars tattoos, what are they?

I do. I have the severed hand of Luke, still clutching to his lightsaber on my right arm. It needs a bit more work but I’d say it’s about 90% completed.

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